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3 piece bits

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3 piece bits

FES Mesa Dog Bone Snaffle

A nice bit for younger horses or riders with inexperienced hands. Beautifully embossed steel shanks feature a blackened background with raised floral scroll work. Three piece mouth with a copper dog bone link helps spread pressure evenly across the tongue and bars. * Mouth: 5” * Cheeks: 7…

$59.99 $54.99
3.0 out of 5
Myler Wide Barrel D Ring Comfort Snaffle Bit

Stainless Steel bit with wide center barrel to disperse pressure over a wider area of the tongue. The curved mouth piece collapses on the bars and gives good control. Myler Bitting System Every horse and rider combination has an individual need that may require a specific bit. As each need of horse…

$99.99 $89.99
5.0 out of 5

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C4 Limited Edition Bits \

…recyclable TPE plastic and are 1.25" wide and 49" long. Simply cut to desired length (fits up to a 42" waist). All belts come with a 3" polycarbonate buckle that can be interchanged for a new and individual look. Belts are waterproof and easy to clean. * Colors (belt/buckle):…

$39.00 $34.99

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Herm Sprenger Double Jointed D Ring Bit

…This nicely balanced bit is made using the finest stainless steel for the mouthpiece and rings. The three piece construction applies pressure evenly across the bars of the mouth. Made in Germany * Mouth: 5” * Center link: 1 ½” * Mouth piece: 16mm (3 ½”) * Rings:…


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Special Buy
FES Bit 3 Piece Stainless Steel Mouth 5" Cheek

…helps spread pressure evenly across the mouth * Eliminates the ‘nutcracker’ effect if pulled on too heavily * Stainless steel swivel shanks allow rider to work each side individually * Mouthpiece: 5” * Cheeks: 5” * Bit diameter: 3/8” * How to Measure your Western Bit

$32.99 $25.99
4.5 out of 5
Dutton 3 Piece Medium Port w/ Roller

…rollers * Each bit is hand forged with and offset mouthpiece for comfort * Cheeks: 6” * Mouthpiece: 5” * Port height: 1 ¼” * Bit diameter: 3/8” * Handmade with a lifetime guarantee * How to Measure your Western Bit These bits are hand forged-no two bits will be exactly…

5.0 out of 5

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…head position * This bit requires light rein contact to achieve poll pressure * Dog bone center link is copper to promotes salivation * Slightly weighted with a dog bone center link with copper rings * Endorsed by AQHA trainer Bob Avila with a lifetime guarantee * 3” black steel O-ring *…

5.0 out of 5


This bit has a unique 3 piece ported mouthpiece with a ‘floating’ style spoon port that will lay comfortably across the tongue and is less severe if it contacts the palate. The floating port has a small copper roller that will help relieve nervousness and increase salivation. This is a…

$99.99 $94.99

…the bit as it rests comfortably within the mouth and limits excessive movement. The bit is designed to apply pressure to the bars and tongue only as the bit is engaged. After extensive research of the anatomy of the horse’s mouth, Professional’s Choice has developed a line of bits that…

$99.99 $94.99

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…is engaged * Bars of the bit are shaped so horses will hold the bit comfortably without movement * Floating center ring with copper rollers on top and bottom of ring * Lifetime guarantee * Ring: 1 ¼” * Mouth: 5” * Cheeks: 5 5/8" swivel cheeks * How to Measure your Western Bit

$99.99 $94.99

Dutton Floating Spoon Teardrop Cheek Western Bit

…than bits with a solid mouth. This bit is hand forged from blackened steel that will rust over time and produce a sweet taste and promote salivation. Features include: * Three piece floating spoon port with copper wrapped center * Hand forged with a lifetime guarantee (no two bits are exactly…

FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit

…stainless steel bit has a soft rubber encased mouth piece that is perfect for starting young horses and helping them learn to accept a bit. The thicker rubber mouth applies gentle pressure to tongue and bars, sending signals in a direct way. This single jointed bit has traditional 3 ½”…

$29.99 $24.99

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FES D Ring Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit with Copper Roller

* Nice bit for nervous horses or for horses that play with the bit * Copper roller in the center helps horse relax and accept the bit * Three piece construction eliminates the nutcracker effect * 3 ½” stainless steel rings with sweet iron mouth with copper inlay * Copper promotes…

$31.99 $24.99
4.5 out of 5

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FES Pro Correction w/Copper Roller D Ring Bit

The Pro Correction is a nice choice to keep horses ‘on the bit’ and to remind them to break at the poll. This mouthpiece applies pressure directly to the palate and bars of the mouth. The 3 piece action breaks over the bars of the mouth at an angle while rotating the correction port,…

$49.99 $39.99

FES Copper Correction D Ring Bit with Hooks

…the legality of this bit. * This is a leverage bit…not for young horses or inexperienced riders * Applies direct pressure to the tongue until horse breaks at the poll * 3 ½” stainless steel rings with hooks to allow leverage options * Copper mouth piece bars with a stainless…

$53.99 $39.99
4.0 out of 5

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…World Champion Ed Dufurrena has solved historical bitting problems with Clear Signal Equine's Snaffle Bit. From the duel center piece down to the way the metal is shaped and textured, the bit allows pressure to only be applied to one side when the bit is engaged. This allows the horse to respond…

$99.99 $94.99

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