5 1/2 Snaffle

  • Stubben Sweet Copper French Link Loose Ring

    Nice bit for using on young horses in the beginning levels of trainingSweet copper mouth and link encourages salivation and is readily acceptedSweet copper is a nickel free alloy (90% copper, 7% iron and aluminum, 3% zinc)Applies pressure to the corners of the mouth and some tongue pressureStainless…

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  • FES O-Ring Sweet Iron Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

    …the mouth.Unique sweet iron mouthpiece is 1/2 smooth and 1/2 twisted wireSweet iron mouthpiece will rust over time and create a sweet taste to promote salivationSmooth ends and larger mouthpiece keep from pinching the corners of the mouthRings: 3 1/4"Mouth: 5 1/4"Bar diameter: 3/8" tapering to 3/16"…

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  • FES Correction Port D-Ring Bit

    The Low Port Correction D-Ring is a super nice bit for horses at the intermediate level of their training program. The joint on each side of the port allows each side of the bit to work independently. The hooks on the D-Rings offer various leverage options. Pressure is applied to the palate and…

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