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  • FES Elite Smooth Copper Bradoon

    …flexion and impulsionSingle jointed bit distributes pressure across the tongue and lipsGently curved mouthpiece helps to limit upper palate interferenceSmooth copper mouthpiece with stainless steel 1 ¾” loose ringsCopper promotes salivation and increases sensitivityMouth:  5”Bit diameter:  6mm

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  • FES Twisted Wire Swept Back Lifesaver Bit

    …iron mouth will rust as wellRust is a positive, it increases salivation and a softer mouthThe slightly swept back cheek offers a pre signal to the horse that more direct contact is comingNot as harsh as straighter cheeksNice leverage bit for itermediate level horsesCheek Length: 6 1/2"Mouth: 5"

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    $64.99 $31.99
  • FES Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek

    …cheeks keep bit from pulling through the horse's mouthIndependent side movement allows riders to isolate one side of the bitStainless steel cheeks, sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlayCopper inlay promotes salivation and sweet iron's taste increases as it oxidizesMouthpiece: 5"Cheeks: 6 1/2"Bit…

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  • FES Congress Cathedral Bit

    Great bit for the seasoned, finished Western pleasure or working cow horses.Keeps horses very responsive to cues and keeps riders hands very lightIdeal for teaching horses to break at the poll and lift at the shoulderBlack steel cheeks and mouthpiece with copper inlay to promote salivationApplies…

    $54.99 $37.99
    5 Reviews
  • FES Low Port Pelham Bit

    The Pelham bit is designed for superior control and operates as both a direct action and leverage bit. Depending on how the reins are used, this bit can work several areas of the horse’s head as it can combine the function of a curb and snaffle bit. The low port curb distributes pressure evenly…

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    $54.99 $37.99
  • FES Bit Western Jointed Port/Roller Mouth

    The port of this bit is broken on each side for independent side movement which makes suppling easy. The shorter swept back shank does decrease reaction time from your hand to the horse's mouth making this a mild bit.Great training bit to encourage suppling, balance and flexationLow jointed port…

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    $49.99 $32.99
    39 Reviews
  • Weaver Draft Tom Thumb Snaffle Bit

    …applies direct tongue and bar pressure? This bit does just that with the added benefit of swivel cheeks.Recommended for well trained, seasoned horse and experienced, light handed ridersStainless steel mouthSwivel Cheeks allow rider to use each side of the bit individuallyCheeks: 8"Mouthpiece: 6"

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  • FES Sedona Medium Port Curb Bit

    …handed riderSweet iron will rust over time to produce an even sweeter tasteSolid cheeks give the bit stability within the mouthApplies bar and palate pressure with some tongue reliefDecorative German silver and copper dot overlay on the shanksShanks: 6 1/2"Port: 2"Mouthpiece: 5"Bar diameter: 1/2"

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    $35.99 $21.99
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  • MetaLab Tom Thumb Pony Snaffle Bit

    A western pony bit made for intermediate riders wanting leverage with a snaffle mouthpiece.Loose cheeks allow rider to use each side independently while ridingApplies direct pressure to the tongue and bars of the mouthMouthpiece: 4 1/2" copper mouthCheeks: 6" chrome plated

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    $35.99 $24.99
  • Weaver Draft Stainless Steel Loose Ring Snaffle Bit

    This is a great starter or everyday snaffle bit for a draft horse if you're looking to work on bend and balance.Applies pressure to tongue, bars, and corners of the mouthStainless steel mouthTraditional free moving ringsRings: 2 1/2"Mouthpiece: 6"

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  • FES 3 Piece Low Port Swept Back Bit

    This low port bit designed with a 3 piece mouth and slighlty swept back cheeks offers pre-signals before direct contact, so your horse will have their best rides.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookSweet iron mouth will rust as…

    $79.99 $39.99
  • FES Swept Back Correction Bit with Copper Rollers

    For advanced horses that need help with improving collection or bend, this correction bit is an excellent choice with a sweet iron and copper mouth to encourage softness and salivation.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookSweet iron…

    $79.99 $39.99
    1 Reviews