• Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice 20oz

    Provides soothing relief to soreness in muscles and jointsEffectively draws out hoof abscesses and infectionsReduces inflammation and soothes pain from sprains and bruisesCan be uesd as a liniment or brace to relax muscles and decrease stiffnessVery effective on reducing reactions from bug bitesAll…

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  • Sore No More Performance Poultice 5lbs

    …lobelia or capsaicinUnique formula draws heat and inflammation from tired legs and sore feetCan be applied to areas of edema, swelling, heat, abscess and infectionTwice as cool and is perfect for use before and after training or competitionMeets FEI regulatory guidelines5 lbs.Made in the…

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  • Hoof Wraps™ Equine Hoof Bandage

    …Wraps is a multi-use, multi-purpose bandage for everyday horse hoof care and protection. Easily treat common hoof problems like horse hoof abscess, thrush and stone bruise, or use for protection after shoe loss. They're designed specifically for horses on light turnout so your horse can…

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  • Step N Soak 911

    …3 layers of polyvinyl tarpaulin in '911' emergency yellowIdeal for cold or hot water soaking is reusable, safe and stays on and upHot soak for abscesses, frog/hoof punctures, deep conditioning of dry hoovesCold soak for fetlock swelling, navicular, laminitis and bacterial infectionsEach vinyl hoof…

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  • Sore No More Cooling Clay Poultice 5lbs.

    Silky smooth and non-irritating cooling clayUse for swelling, edema, infection, abscess or puncturesEffective for use on dry, cracked hooves and hoof packingExcellent topical application for sensitive skinned horsesUse before and after exercise, training and competitionApplication goes on evenly and…

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  • Sore No More Performance Ultra Poultice 5lbs

    …Ultra effectively reduces swelling and edema, draws out heat and eases the soreness in muscles, tendons and ligament. Cooling and drawing capabilities are effective for abscesses as well as treating stone bruises within the hoof. Contains NO capsaicin or lobelia.5 lb. containerGinger scented

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  • Cavallo Simple Boot

    …innovative relief of chronic hoof pain and sensitivityProvides protection to hoof in the event of shoe loss or sorenessAids the rehabilitation of abscess, navicular, punctures, bruises or laminitisGenuine leather upper, double hook & loop closure with all terrain traction soleSoft leather foam…

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  • EasyCare Easyboot Hoof Boot

    …last longer than a traditional steel shoeFits below the coronet bandCan be used to prevent lameness if your horse loses a shoe, to treat hoof abscesses, or for regular ridingSemi-aggressive tread is suitable for most terrainsRemovable cleat covers allow you to customize the grip your horse's hooves…

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  • EasyCare Easyboot Cloud Hoof Boot

    …to give comfort and support in every area of the hoof.Therapeutic hoof boot system for comfort and supportProvides relief for thin soles, abscesses, laminitis, founder, chronic lameness, and other hoof ailmentsProvides relief for hooves when stalling on hard or concrete floorsThree air vents…

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  • Vet Strider Hoof Boot

    This hoof boot offers protection for horses being treated with poultice during stall rest or hand walking.For use on hoof abscesses, puncture wounds, bruising, lost shoes, or cracked hoovesReusable hoof boot that can be used to treat a variety of hoof issuesCan be used over wet or dry poultice or on…

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  • Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

    …fitting medical hoof boot can be used in the stall or for turnout to keep wounds clean and hoof dressings intact, especially when dealing with abscesses, punctures or bruises. The medical boot has a durable Kevlar interior, rugged grooved sole and an asymmetrical zipper to enhance a snug fit. This…

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  • Centurion Leg & Hoof Pad System

    …highly effective and non-invasivePenetrates deep to treat orthopedic conditions, chronic pain and acute inflammationHoof pad effectively treats abscess, concussion problems and lower leg swellingEasy to use and ensures the overall health of your horse's legs and hooves3 frequencies for varying…

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