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  • Velcro Restorer Brush

    Handiest tool in the barn!Cleans hair and debris from hook and loop closuresCleans wool felt & fleece saddle padsRemoves hair to prevent rubbingWorks on all hook and loop closures to restore effectiveness and give it new lifeComes with convenient pocket size comb to clean the wire brush

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    $7.99 $4.99
    31 Reviews
  • Cashel® Horse Head Bumper

    Keep your horse's head protected during trailering with a horse head bumper that's easy to put on.Protects against trauma to poll area with extra foam insertEasily snaps on to a halter so you don't have to remove the halter to get the head bumper on and offLarger ear holes, adjustable elastic…

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    1 Reviews
  • Stormshield® Horse Blanket Repair Tape

    Quickly and easily repair waterproof turnouts or stable blanketsPressure sensitive, self-sticking tapeExtremely durable waterproof ripstop nylonIron-on (warm) for extra adhesivenessGreat for both outer covers and linings

    $7.99 $4.99
    167 Reviews
    9 colors
  • Easy-Up® Clothing Rack

    …diagonally to offer almost 5' of space or on any flat wall for 33" of space. The unit is sturdy enough to hold all of your outfits, chaps and accessories for the day. The attached hangers will fit over any standard stall wall.The Clothing Rack is made or heavy gauge steel with attached swivel…

    $28.99 $19.99
    18 Reviews
  • Peacock Stirrup Accessories

    Replacement tabs and bands for the Peacock Safety StirrupsA must to have on hand for children beginner or novice ridersSafety tabs and bands allow for the riders foot to break freeKeeps riders safe in the event of a fall or unexpected accidentReplacement Rubber Bands (#00788)Replacement Leather Tabs…

    $2.99 $1.99
    9 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Padded Clipper & Accessory Bag

    …open to lay flat or hang for easy accessEach side features 3 plastic blade pouches with hook and loop closure at the topLeft side has two padded accessory pouches with hook and loop closuresRight side has two elastic loop clipper holders that fit into a half pocketHalf-pocket has a zippered inner…

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    $71.99 $49.99
    7 Reviews
  • 4" Blanket Pin

    4" extra strong nickel plated pinsGood for quick blanket repairsUse caution when using pins on horse clothing

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    $0.99 $0.69
    12 Reviews
  • Nikwax Synthetic Rug Proof

    Rug Proof is a wash-in waterproofing for horse rugs/blankets. It adds water repellency and revives breathability to blankets. It's easy to use waterbased waterproofing for all canvas, synthetic and cotton, lined or unlined horse rugs.Adds / renews water repellency and revives breathability of horse…

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    $37.99 $30.99
    35 Reviews
  • Miniature Horse Blanket Elastic Leg Straps

    1" wide elasticFully adjustableSold in pairsAdjusts up to 16"

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    $17.99 $11.99
    41 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Big Fella Elastic Leg Straps

    Fully adjustable1" wideSold in pairsAdjusts up to 48"

    $22.99 $15.99
    15 Reviews
  • Schneiders® Odor Eliminator 8oz

    The reviews speak for themselves. Schneiders Order Eliminator destroys odors associated with urine, manure, mold, mildew, skunk and anything else that your horse or dog may get into.Neutralizes odors as strong as a skunkUse as a laundry additive in rinse cycle to remove stubborn stainsCan also be…

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    $14.99 $9.99
    33 Reviews
  • Hat Cleaning Sponge

    Keep your good Western show hats show ring readyGently buff to lift show arena dust or spots and stainsEasy to use and maintains the integrity of the feltCan also be used on suede4” x 4 ½” sponge 

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    $2.99 $1.99
    12 Reviews