• Gut Health 128oz

    Aloe based solution enhanced with time released pH balancing crystals  Maintenance strength, formulated for optimum long term gastro-intestinal healthFormulated to treat equine ulcers and stabilize the hind gut pHIncreases gastro-intestinal performance by reducing stomach and gut irritationDigestive…

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  • Equiderma™ Neem & Aloe Conditioner

    …with skin problems and tail itching, too!It's time to drench the skin and coat in organic nourishment with the powerhouse Equiderma™ Neem and Aloe ConditionerIntelligently formulated with Neem Leaf and Neem Seed Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B5, this naturally hydrating conditioner…

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  • Silverado Face Glo

    Silverado Face Glo™ - A show enhancing highlighter for the face, ears and muzzle.Aloe and Vitamin E are added to condition skinProvides sun block protection from UV-A and UV-B raysProtects against bleaching and burningMade in the USA8 oz. jar

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  • Equiderma™ Neem & Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray

    Finally! A powerful fly repellent that is made using only natural ingredients. Equiderma™ Neem & Aloe Herbal Fly Insect Repellent does not contain any deet, pyrethrin, or permethrin.Made with neem, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and other natural oilsThis spray works to repel flies, mosquitoes, ticks and…

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  • Icetight® Poultice 7.5lbs

    Effective relief for pain and stiffness in the knees, ankles and tendonsContains natural clays, glycerin, soothing aloe vera and mineralsGoes on effortlessly, washes off easily and will not blister the skinFast acting ingredients are gentle enough to use every dayReplaces the need to cold hose or…

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  • Cowboy Magic Super Body Shine

    …fast and reflects a full spectrum of light resulting in a maximum body shine under sun or show ring lights. It is a deep conditioner:We have added Aloe Vera to strengthen and condition hair and skin. It helps repel dust:SUPER BODYSHINE® makes it more difficult for show ring and stable stall dust to…

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  • Absorbine® Cooldown™ Herbal After Workout Rinse Liniment

    …formula makes 32 gallonsSize: 32 oz. Ingredients:Rosemary Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Arnica Extract, Celery Root Extract, Canadian Willowherb, Aloe Vera Juice, Cinnamomum Camphora, Clove Leaf Oil, Lobelia Oil, Oil of Sassafras, Oil of Spike, Witch Hazel, Natural Grain Alcohol, and a colorant…

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  • Gut Health Extra Strength 128oz

    This aloe based formula reduces stomach irritation and discomfort by working to reduce stomach acids, raising pH within the stomach without disturbing natural digestion. This allows the stomach and hind gut to stabilize allowing healing to begin. This formula is time released and begins working…

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