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  • Easy-Up® Blanket Bar

    …organization and space saving needs. The Easy Up Blanket bar provides a convenient method to keep your blankets handy right on your stall front. The blanket bar is tough enough to hold blankets, turnouts, sheets and coolers.The Blanket Bar is made of heavy duty 1" powder coated steel with a black…

    $14.99 $7.99
    32 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Hanging Clothing Bar

    The Hanging Clothing Bar is designed for use with the Easy Up Folding Up Hanging Shelf. Attaches easily to the shelf grid with 'S' hooks to provide additional hanging space for expensive show clothing.The clothing bar is made of black armor coated steel rod. We recommend using with the Easy-Up® Fold…

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    $21.99 $14.99
    16 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Collapsible Blanket Bar

    …The Collapsible Blanket bar provides a convenient method of storing your blankets on your stall front. The blanket bar folds down when not in use and securely locks into place when needed. Tough enough to hold blankets, turnouts, sheets and coolers.The Collapsible Bar is made of heavy duty 3/8”…

    $21.99 $14.99
    26 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Travel Blanket Bar

    The Easy Up Travel Blanket Bar provides instant stall front storage at home or on the road. Take along to shows to stay organized, put up on stall fronts during blanket or fly season and take down and store easily when not needed.The Travel Blanket Bar is made of zinc plated steel rod with attached…

    $18.99 $12.99
    22 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Horsewear Bar with Tack Hangers

    Never get your blankets mixed up with others in the barn. The Easy Up Horsewear Bar provides a close, handy place to store blankets and sheets, especially when mounted on stall fronts. Each bar has two hooks for hanging halters and leads. Tough enough to hold heavy winter blankets, turnouts, sheets…

    $18.99 $12.99
    52 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Lightweight Collapsible Horse Blanket Bar

    This lightweight blanket bar can be mounted to your stall as a convenient way to keep your horse's sheets, coolers or blankets out of the way but ready to use. When not in use, it folds down to save space.Locking bar adds stability for heavier horse blankets and coolersConveniently folds down when…

    $25.99 $17.99
    24 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Swing Out Blanket Bar

    Convenient, space saving blanket bar swings in and out for easy accessibility. Stores the heaviest blankets and keeps tack rooms organized. Great for allowing blankets/pads to dry and air out. Raised end keeps horsewear from sliding off.The Swing Out Blanket Bar is made of heavy duty aluminum. Easy…

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    $21.99 $14.99
    29 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Portable Adjustable Blanket Bar

    …blanket bar with tack hooks is perfect to have at home or on the road!Tack hooks on each side of the blanket bar are the perfect place to hang halters, bridles, towels, etc.Adjusts in length from 32 1/2" - 56" to accommodate different stall bar spacing or smaller areas4"width, 8"H, 1" bar thickness,…

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    $21.99 $14.99
  • Fiebing's Saddle Soap Bar 7oz

    …designed a logo portraying a mounted Cavalryman; a logo that stands to this day. To use: rub a damp sponge over Fiebring's Glycerine Saddle Soap Bar. Apply evenly to leather. Let the Glycerine soap penetrate the leather until surface is dry. Buff bristly with a soft cloth for lustrous finishRestores…

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    1 Reviews
  • Easy-Up® Fold Down English Saddle Bar

    …those conserving space without having the protruding arms getting in the way. Simply fold down when not in use.Mounting bracket and screws are includedwhen not in use and the bar is dropped down it sticks out 6" from the wallEasy Up features an industry leading 5 year warranty against breakage Black

    $21.99 $14.99
    9 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Manure Fork Head Only 2 Bar

    Replacement fork head with 2 bar design2 bar design provides added durability to headBest used for stalls with shavingsHeavy duty molded plastic constructionMeasures: 15"W and has 16 tinesBlack only

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    $17.99 $11.99
    67 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Manure Fork Head Only 1 Bar

    Replacement fork head with 1 bar designIdeal for use in shavings or straw beddingWill accommodate most large fork handlesHeavy duty molded plastic constructionMeasures15"W with 16 tinesBlack onlyHandle sold seperately

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    $17.99 $11.99
    83 Reviews