• Double S Reno Barrel Saddle

    …a hint of pink accent, and studded cantle The cut away skirt under the fenders adds more feel and contact with your horseHas latigo leather off billet and cinch strap, hind cinch, and metal stirrupsBuilt on a lightweight rawhide wrapped fiberglass tree with a 5-year warrantyMeasurements: Skirt…

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    $714.99 $499.99
  • Billy Royal® Leather Off Billet

    Replaceable, reinforced leather off billet is compatible with all western saddlesMade with the finest supple leather and reinforced with heavy-duty nylonSlides easily through the ring on the "off side" of your saddleExtends 18" from saddle ring with plenty of adjustment for girth attachmentMeasures:…

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    $35.99 $24.99
    9 Reviews
    2 colors
    Dark OilLight Oil
  • Dura-Tech® Verashim Dressage 6 Pocket Shim Saddle Pad

    …in each pad (front, center and rear). 3 varying shim thicknesses 1/4" Wool felt and 1/4" and 1/2" memory foam options. (Total 18 Shims)Divided billet keepers stabilize the pad to stop shiftingLow profile seams18 Customizable shims includedMade from soft, durable, quilted cotton, layered foam,…

    $169.99 $94.99
    2 colors
  • Billy Royal® Latigo Half Breed Off Billet Strap

    Soft Latigo Leather is strong yet forgiving to your horse. Can be used on any western saddle as a replacement off billet strap. Off billets are used on the right side of the saddle and loops around the D ring. A half breed is meant to be doubled over when used adding additional strength to the…

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    $42.99 $29.99
    2 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Nylon Off Billet Strap 1 3/4" X 36"

    Durable and replaceable off billet strap for all types of western saddlesAttach by sliding through the right saddle ring on all western saddlesExtends 18” from the saddle ring with plenty of adjustment for the girthLightweight, machine washable and always easy to work withMeasures: 1 ¾”W x…

    $9.99 $6.99
    10 Reviews
  • Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Girth™

    The Shoulder Relief Girth™ redirects the billet line to give your horse's shoulder more freedom and increased elbow clearance, making for a more comfortable ride.Increases shoulder mobility while optimizing elbow comfortTop notch leather that is flawlessly craftedPadded calf skin inside and durable…

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  • Joseph Sterling® Girth Billet Guard

    Replace missing billet guards on most english saddlesPrevents wear spots on saddle flapsSold individually

    $21.99 $11.99
    2 colors
  • Kincade Close Contact Saddle

    …for beginners for flat work or over fencesBuilt on a flexible fiber tree with a medium deep seatConcealed knee rolls and nicely padded flapsNylon reinforced billets and formed panelsSize:  16 ½”, 17´or 17 ½”Gullet:  Medium or wideTwist:  NarrowFlap:  RegularFlocking:  AirfloColor:  Light Brown 

    $359.99 $312.99
  • Dura-Tech® Fleece Half Pad

    Shaped fleece half pad with quilted cotton top and billet strapsFeatures hook & loop opening down the spine for easy insertion of a gel insertSynthetic fleeceSpine 22"

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    $59.99 $39.99
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  • Dura-Tech® V-Free® Dressage Pad

    …horses100% cotton outer, brushed cotton lining, V-Free® wither design provides generous amount of wither relief to prevent irritationDivided billet straps accommodate the widest variety of saddles and billet placements eliminate any shifting under your saddleWidth 25 1/2" x Drop 21" x Spine 25"

    $79.99 $54.99
    33 Reviews
    4 colors
  • Double S Leather-Cordura Trail Saddle

    …seat jockeyGenerously padded smooth leather seat for all day comfortStainless steel rings to attach trail riding gear and necessitiesNylon billet and off billet straps and has back cinch ringsLightweight and maintenance free built on a fiberglass treeSizes: 15", 16" or 17"Color: Dark OilGullet: 7…

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    $571.99 $399.99
    20 Reviews
  • Total Saddle Fit Shoulder Relief Cinch™ - Fleece

    …hardwareImproves saddle fit and horse's overall comfort and performanceDesigned to change the position and angle of billet straps to prevent interferenceDeep offset redirects billets to move saddle away from the shouldersTwo center D's to attach training equipmentCutback design improves elbow…

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