Bit With Roller

  • FES Pro Correction w/Copper Roller D Ring Bit

    …'on the bit' and to remind them to break at the poll. This mouthpiece applies pressure directly to the palate and bars of the mouth. The 3 piece action breaks over the bars of the mouth at an angle while rotating the correction port, offering some tongue relief. Larger copper rollers help pacify…

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  • FES Copper and Steel Roller D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …and stainless rollers add a taste horses like and will help calm a nervous horse, and pacify a bored horse.The perfect bit for everyday training, show ring or just out on the trailTwo copper rollers on each side help curb nervousness and ease boredomTraditional 3 1/2" stainless steel D rings with

    $39.99 $27.99
    9 Reviews
  • Happy Mouth Double Jointed Roller D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …apple scented for easy acceptanceDouble jointed mouth allows each side to be worked independentlyDistributes pressure more evenly across the bars and sides of the faceDouble joint eliminates the nut cracker effect1 3/4" center swivel link with rollerMouthpiece:  5” with 3 1/2" Stainless steel D Ring

    $64.99 $63.99
    5 Reviews
  • FES Cathedral Mouth Bit with Antique Finish

    Nice, attractive bit that encourages the proper head set and balance.Antique bronze swivel cheeks with engraved silver plated overlaySwivel port allow rider to work each side individually while schoolingCopper rollers on each side promote salivation and increase sensitivityMouthpiece: 5"Cheeks: 7…

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    $85.99 $59.99
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  • Billy Royal® Pro Correction Bit with Silver Dots Square Mouth

    Nice bit for fine tuning, retraining older broke horses or for advanced level horses.Unique hinged square port with roller allows pressure to be applied evenly across the palateAntique bronze swivel cheeks with silver dot detail provides a beautiful balanceCopper inlay on the mouthpiece promote…

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    $71.99 $49.99
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  • Robart™ Precision Cathedral Bit

    …bushings allow each side of the bit to work independently of the other. Spring loaded mouth lets you work each side of the horse separately as in lifting a shoulder or flexing exercises. Stress and resistance from your horse will decrease overtime with this bit. Roller glides across the horse's…

    $85.99 $59.99
    18 Reviews
  • Myler Ported Barrel Bit

    …that may require a specific bit. As each need of horse and rider change over time and progress, it may become necessary to either upgrade or downgrade depending upon the level of your horse's training or rider's experience.Great bit for the finished horse or horses with advanced skillsBit provides…

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  • FES Medium Port Correction Bit

    A medium port correction bit that allows for subtle corrections to be made when used on seasoned horse.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookThe longer shank offers a more direct line from your hand to your horse's mouth for a quicker…

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    $79.99 $23.99
  • FES Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

    An outstanding bit for intermediate level horses to the seasoned, finished horse. This bit is made of stainless steel with a wide low ported barrel and larger D Rings with hooks to offer different leverage options. The barrel puts downward pressure on the tongue and offers relief as soon as the…

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    $57.99 $39.99
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  • Myler English Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

    …and finished horsesNice bit for the horses with advanced skills or the finished horseApplies pressure to the bars while allowing some tongue reliefIndependent side movement allows rider to work each side separatelyStainless steel D Ring cheeks with stainless mouth with copper inlayCopper helps…

    4 Reviews
  • FES 3 Piece Low Port Bit

    This low port bit offers better reaction times with it's longer shank and specially designed 3 piece mouth, so your seasoned horse will have their best rides.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookSweet iron mouth will rust as wellRust…

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    $79.99 $39.99
  • Myler Black Seven Shank Ported Barrel Bit

    …for the more experienced horse that needs just a little more leverage. This bit uses bar, poll and curb pressure to gain collection. This bit has black steel shanks with black dots and a sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay. Copper naturally promotes salivation and creates sensitivity within…

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