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  • Dura-Tech® Balance Training System - Complete Set

    …of rigging. The elastic lines have enough 'give' to ease the panic response if they feel trapped. Also included is the lunging caveson with bit snaps.Professionally developed to teach horses to engage and move forwardAllows horses to achieve proper carriage, collection and head positionEncourages…

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    $199.99 $139.99
    25 Reviews
  • FES Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek

    …mouth moist. Full cheek bits help to lighten the horse up on the bit and be more responsive. Snaffle mouth on full cheeks combine to be a good "starter leverage" bit. To get the best results from your full cheek bit, use "Bit Loops" (#01023 or #15114) to attach the bit the bridle securely, keeping…

    $42.99 $29.99
    9 Reviews
  • Happy Mouth Double Jointed Loose Ring w/Roller

    Great training bit for youngsters in the early stages of trainingDouble jointed mouth allows each side to work independentlyApplies pressure to the bars and tongue to achieve lateral controlCenter roller (1 3/4") helps limit boredom and eliminates the nutcracker effectStainless steel core surrounded…

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    5 Reviews
  • FES Copper Correction D Ring Bit with curb hook slots

    This is a leverage bit. The port creates downward pressure on the tongue and offers tongue relief and release when the horse breaks at the poll. Check breed association show rules to determine the legality of this bit.This is a leverage bit...not for young horses or inexperienced ridersApplies…

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    $71.99 $49.99
    5 Reviews
  • FES Sweet Iron Medium Port Grazing Bit

    This lightweight, medium port grazing bit is a nice transition for younger horses or an all-around bit for horse of all ages. It has engraved aluminum swept back loose cheeks that pre-signal the horse when cues are coming. The sweet iron mouth piece has copper inlay to promote salivation and will…

    $64.99 $44.99
    3 Reviews
  • FES Bit Western Swivel 7" Loose Flat Cheek

    Nice bit to use as a transition bit from traditional snaffle to shank styleLower port is relatively mild and applies pressure directly to the barsFlat stainless steel cheeks, mouthpiece and center rollerLoose cheeks prevent pinching in the corners of the mouthMouthpiece: 5"Cheeks: 7"Port: 1"Bit…

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    $54.99 $37.99
    27 Reviews
  • Dutton 3 Piece Medium Port w/ Roller

    Dutton bits are all handmade. These bits have a great feel and weight to them for optimum results. Bits will rust giving them a beautiful aged look. Rust is also sweet to the horses taste and aids in a soft, supple mouthNice bit for younger horses as well as schooling/showing the seasoned…

    4 Reviews
  • FES Elite Smooth Copper Bradoon

    …most popular bradoon for using with a double or Weymouth bridleSits above the curb to regulate horizontal flexion and impulsionSingle jointed bit distributes pressure across the tongue and lipsGently curved mouthpiece helps to limit upper palate interferenceSmooth copper mouthpiece with stainless…

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    $28.99 $19.99
    8 Reviews
  • Herm Sprenger Loose Ring Copper Snaffle Bit

    …snaffle is a nice training bit to help horse's establish balance and learn to bend. Traditional loose ring features a copper mouth that encourages salivation. Stainless steel loose rings are free moving. The thicker, gentler mouthpiece is ideal for young horses. This bit will apply pressure to the…

    2 Reviews
  • FES Bit Clips Pair

    Allows you to attach a bit to any leather thread Arabian halterProvides increased leverage and control in the show ringInstall bradoon to bit clip and attach to halter ringsNickel plated spring steel or brassSold in pairs 

    $18.99 $7.99
    2 colors
  • Raleigh Two Ear Headstall

    …valueCrafted from premium, supple plain 5/8" leatherAll sterling silver plate trim is beautifully hand engravedFlat silver trim pieces on cheeks, both ears, tips and keepersSmall adjustment buckles and Chicago screw bit endsMeasures 41" (bit end to bit end) with 4" adjustment each sideTwo ear

    $57.99 $39.99
    34 Reviews
    2 colors
    Dark OilLight Oil
  • FES French Link Eggbut Snaffle

    …snaffle may get lighter off the French Link. Horses with low pallets that resist pressure from ported bits may do well in this bit as well because the link lays flat on the tongue.Nice bit for younger horses or horses with sensitive palatesNicely finished stainless steel mouthpiece and 3"eggbutt…

    $42.99 $29.99
    8 Reviews