Bridle Hanger

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  • Easy-Up® Coated Metal 5 Hook Rounded Tack Rack

    Tack hangers are domed around the top which naturally fits the shape of your halters and bridles, eliminating creases in the leather, in fun colors to match your barn's colors and d�cor.

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    4 colors
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  • Easy-Up® Coated Metal Rounded Top Tack Hanger

    This tack hanger has a domed shape around the top, which naturally fits the shape of your halters and bridles. The dined design of the tack hanger also eliminates creasing in the leather and comes in fun colors to match your barn's colors and d�cor.

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  • Flex-Hook 4 Pack

    A safe way to hang halters, leads and equipment on stall fronts or in tack rooms. The Flex Hooks are made of a durable, bendable polymer material that will 'flex' in the event of an emergency. There are no edges to cause injury to horses. The hooks are non-breakable and will not rust or fade.Use on…

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  • $89.99 $69.99
  • Easy-Up® 6 Hook Tack Rack with Hangers

    …doors, keeping tack organized quickly and easily!Made of welded durable wire, this lightweight 6 hook tack rack will hold anything from halters, bridles, and bags, to your horse's sheets.Made from a heavy-duty, welded PVC coated wire with a scratch resistant finish.Welded hanging hooks conveniently…

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    $21.99 $7.99 - $14.99
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    4 colors
  • Easy-Up® 10 Hook Tack Rack

    …portably at horse shows. Available in multiple colors to match your farm color of choice!These lightweight racks will hold a variety of items from bridles, leads, lunge lines and more, offering 10 useful hooks.Constructed of welded wire with a protective scratch resistant PVC finish.The versatile…

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    $29.99 $11.99 - $19.99
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  • Easy-Up® Titan Bridle Rack

    …breakageThe bridle rack can only be used with the Easy Up Titan Stand # 40625The bridle rack attachment slides onto the ends of the arms so bridles do not interfere with other tack and are easily accessible even when you stand is against a wallBridle hanger is 21" long and has 5 bridle hangersGray…

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    $34.99 $24.99
  • Easy-Up® Large Storage Case

    …the Pro Series Swing Arm Blanket & Saddle Pad Rack, 5 Hook Tack Rack, 6 Hook Tack Rack with Hangers, 8 Hook Tack Rack, 10 Hook Tack Rack, Pro Series Bridle & Tack Rack, Collapsible Utility Hanger, Mini Groom Room Rack, 10 Arm Vertical Pad Rack, or the Pro Series Expandable Swivel Saddle &…

    $28.99 $19.99
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  • Easy-Up® Pro Series 10 Hook Portable Bridle & Tack Rack

    Heavy duty 1/4" think steel rod frame and hangers are extremely durable. The Pro series 10 hook bridle & tack rack is built to stand up to all your at home and show needs when it comes to organizing your tack. Heavy duty welds throughout.Hang numerous bridles, halters, leads, whips, girths etc.Wall…

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    $42.99 $29.99
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  • Schneider's Double Head Hook

    …hooks are always better than one!Attractive nickel, gold or black colors stand out nicely against any surfacePerfect size hooks for halters and bridles, whips, crops, bag/case handle straps and moreMeasures: 3" Long x 2" High x 1 1/4" Wide x 1 1/8" hook diameterMaterial: zinc alloy Hardware…

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  • Easy-Up® Portable Horseshoe 6 Hook Bridle Rack

    …adding style to your barn or show stallsUnique horseshoe motif with half of a horseshoe, perfect for hanging bridles, halters, leads, coats etc.42" long x 7" wide with six bridle hangers, and two hanging hooks off the back that will fit over any stall or wall up to 2" wideDurable frame made out of…

    $71.99 $34.99
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  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Shelf with Swivel Tack Hooks

    This portable unit was designed for professionals with a shelf to organize supplies and two 4 hook swivel hangers underneath for halters, leads and bridles. The hangers rotate 360° so you can quickly find the right equipment. The shelf is roomy enough to hold fly spray, grooming supplies and wraps…

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