Broom Holder

  • Easy-Up® Tool Holder

    This tool holder keeps brooms, manure forks, shovels and rakes off the floor and readily accessible while organizing barns, garages, sheds and aisle ways. Three perfectly placed sets of tined slots hold multiple barn tools and are sturdy enough to hold the heaviest tools.Heavy duty 3/8" armor coated…

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  • Easy-Up® Mountable Tool Holder

    Functional hanger fits brooms, shovels, and manure forks easily. Hang at the end of your isle, in your shavings room, groom stall, anywhere you need to keep your tools up and off the floor.Eliminate those cluttered corners with this handy hangerFunctional hanger fits brooms, shovels, and manure…

    $19.99 $14.99
  • Easy-Up® X-Long Adjustable Tool Holder

    …while securely staying in place with this useful tool holder. Six adjustable rubber-grip holders slide to adjust for different tool widths.Extra-long tool holder with six adjustable rubber-grip holders, fits any size shovel, manure fork, or broom with a handle up to 1 1/2" in diameter. Keep shovels,…

    $64.99 $44.99
  • Easy-Up® Screw In Tool Hook

    Keep your barn necessities neat and organized and close at handDesigned to hold stall forks, shavings shovels, rakes and broomsZinc plated stainless steel hook with upward bend to keep tools in placeScrews into wall for permanent, secure installationMeasures:  2 ¼”W x 3”D with a 1 1/8” wood screw

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  • Dura-Tech® Adjustable Tool Holder

    This tool holder has a unique 'grabber' bracket design that can be adjusted to each individual tool as well as the distance between them. Barn tools simply 'snap' into the 'grabber' bracket and keep brooms, forks, rakes and shovels neatly organized and out of the way.3 'grabbers' securely hold…

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