• Collegiate Comfitec™ Fancy Stitched English Bridle

    An outstanding fancy stitched English bridle that combines the ultimate in pressure-free equine comfort with top notch performance into one unique bridle.Made of high quality soft European leatherFancy stitched contoured noseband and browbandAnatomically shaped crown distributes pressure evenly…

    2 colors
  • Collegiate Degree Monoflap Eventing Saddle

    A monoflap eventing saddle that is hand crafted with a soft, supple, and broken in feel right from the start.Hand crafted jump saddle with a broken in feel from the startNaturally tanned pigmented double leather is soft, supple and grippyGrained leather covered triangle front thigh blocks Monoflap…

    $1099.99 $999.99
    2 colors
  • Collegiate Graduate Close Contact Saddle

    A hand crafted close contact English saddle that is designed to properly fit both horse and rider for better performance and comfort.High quality naturally tanned Argentinian cow leather seatBuffalo leather flaps with contrast stitchingGrained leather covered triangle front thigh blocksSemi deep…

  • Collegiate Mono Crown Fancy Stitched Raised Jumper Figure 8 Bridle

    This figure 8 bridle is both elegant and functional! Made of high-quality European leather, it will hold up to the rigors of training while looking stylish in the show ring.Stylish fancy stitched figure 8 bridle with softly padded ergonomic headpieceSoft high quality sheepskin padding on nose, for…

    $169.99 $154.99
  • Collegiate Honour Close Contact Saddle

    A close contact English saddle that offers optimum grip and comfort with its design specifically made to fit both horse and rider.Naturally tanned pigmented double leather for that already broken in feelGrained leather covered triangle front thigh blocksSemi deep seat with a narrow twist and square…

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