Color Enhance

  • Biotin Plus

    …calciumAll natural formula also contains amino acids, Omega 3 and antioxidants5 lbs.= 30 - 60 day supply20 lbs.= 120 - 240 day supply.Schneiders {color: #F00;}Description:For strong, healthy hooves, a radiant coat and optimum mane and tail growth. Therapeutic formula aids rapid healing with vitamin…

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  • Shapley's™ Touch Up Spray

    …are color-enhancing sprays designed to safely and effectively conceal stains, scars, blemishes, and flaws. Show Touch-Ups can also be used to enhance tails and feathered legs, creating a full, natural look.Will not smear, clump, rub off or damage the coatLeave coat soft and naturalMade in the…

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  • Ultra® Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo

    …reformulated to enhance and intensify all coat colors and maximize the whitening capabilities for light horses. This rich, sudsy formula penetrates deep into the coat to loosen and dissolve the toughest stains, bringing up the coats natural color and beauty.Reformulated to enhance and intensify all…

    $9.99 - $14.99
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  • Vetrolin White 'N Brite

    Deep cleaning, brightening shampoo keeps light colored horses stain free.Optical brighteners enhance the highlights on dark colored horses Adds incredible brilliance to coats, manes and tails leaving them soft and shinyGentle for everyday use and easily lifts and removes the most difficult yellow…

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  • Exhibitors Quic Silver

    …Silver® naturally reveals in full intensity every color within the mane, tail, and coat, deep-cleaning to leave your horse soft, smooth and shiny. Quic Silver® is absolutely stunning on grays and albinos (silvery highlights), but will enhance color as well on some buckskins. Quic Silver® is an…

    $10.99 - $24.99 $9.99 - $24.99
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  • EquiFUSE Citra Foam Shampoo

    Perfect for dry, damaged coats without stripping the natural oils, sulfate freeEnhances coat shine and strengthens manes and tails from breakage Instantly foams, massaging the horse's skin producing a root deep cleanMoisturizing formula elimiates dander and dandruffConcentrated formula encourages a…

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  • Ultra® Grooming Chalk 3 Pack

    Enhances color on legs, face and coat markingsEasily conceals blemishes and scarsContains human grade cosmetic ingredientsWrapped for clean and easy applicationDimensions: Each stick is 4 1/4"L x 1"WEach package contains 3 chalk sticks of the same colorMade in the USAUnconditional money back…

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  • EquiFUSE® Shine Perfect + Shine Spray

    …Spray is a first of its kind, multi-tasking shining spray. Formulated to promote hair health and infuse hair with a long lasting shine that enhances color instantly. Fast drying and non-greasy, this spray leaves mane, tail and coat soft and smooth as it repels dust and shavings. Each hair benefits…

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  • Leather Therapy Restorer and Conditioner

    …odor problemsConditions from the inside out to increase leather tensile strengthHelps leather overcome harmful effects of overexposure to elementsExtends leather life, enhances color and dries with a soft sheenIdeal for saddles, tack, boots, shoe, sporting goods and furnitureMade in the USA

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  • Horseshoer's Secret Hoof Conditioner

    …moisture to the hoof while mineral oil helps lock it in. Helps restore damagedhooves and prevents cracks, splits and contracted heels. Enhances color, sheen and texture of hooves.Exclusive formula penetrates deep to condition and protect hoovesPenetrates deep to stimulate collagen production…

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  • Farnam® Vetrolin® Shine Equiveil™ 360° Sprayer

    …can spray in any direction without product dripping or leaking.Features Include:Ready-to-use spray contains salon-quality silicone to enhance the shine of any color coatVitamin-rich conditioners keep manes and tails manageable and tangle-freeWon't dry out or damage hair and minimizes breakageRepels…

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  • Farnam Rain Maker

    …leaves your horse with hoofs that attract, absorb and retain moisture. Helps prevent painful problems like cracks,splits and contracted heels. Enhances color, sheen and texture, leaves hoofs with a natural glossy, lustrous appearance.Advanced formula leaves hooves stronger and more pliablePenetrates…

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