• Mrs. Pastures Cookies

    Cookies your horse will love! These treats are just the perfect size to reward your horse and to be used as an effective training aid! These cookies are bite sized and made with all natural ingredients.Your horse will love these snacks, they are made with love.Bite sized treats made with all natural…

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  • Dimples Horse Treats With Pill Pocket

    Getting your horse to eat a pill can be tricky, but these treats will make it easy.Treats are made with pill pocket.Insert pill and gently squeeze to seal it.Made with flaxseed, which has anti-inflammatory propertiesIngredients: molasses, dry molasses, ground corn, oats, soy meal, ground flax, wheat…

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  • A to Z Horse Cookies

    …ingredients and are low in sugar to benefit horses with metabolic issues. The Original Molasses Cookies have a soft makeup that allows medications to be concealed from the pickiest horses. The grain based cookies contain oat bran, oats flax and molasses.Made with human grade ingredientsSoft, easy to…

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