• Coolaid™ Icing & Cooling Leg Wraps

    Reduce inflammation and ease stress resulting from exercise, competition, or injury with these icing & cooling leg wraps.Can be used for icing and cooling muscles, ligaments and tendons after exercise, competition, or injuryWet the polo/leg wraps, wring out the excess, and place folded in the…

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  • Coolaid™ Icing & Cooling Hock Wraps

    Ease swelling and soreness in your horse's hocks with a hock wrap that can be used frozen for icing or wet for cooling when a freezer is unavailableUnique design allows for both compression and freedom of movementWet the hock wraps, wring out the excess, and place folded in the freezer for…

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  • Coolaid™ Cooling Horse Blanket

    …cooling is needed, simply repeat the processFor our equine enthusiasts that ride during the winter months and need immediate drying, place the Coolaid blanket on dry and let the wicking take placeExcellent for after baths too!Chemical-free and machine washableCooling technology lasts the lifetime…