Cooling Gel Wrap

  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Wrap

    …These wraps are flexible and conforming, for your horse's comfort, and they stay cold for hours when applied directly from the freezer.Provides instant cold therapy in the event of injury or traumaEasy and effective for cooling horse's legs after exercise420 denier outer with quilted polycrylate gel

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  • Sore No-More Gelotion

    …tightnessCan be used under ceramic wraps, magnetic  wraps or stable bandagesInstrumental in reducing pain and inflammationWonderful for horses with sensitive skin12 oz. gelMade in the USA Description:Derived directly from the original SORE NO-MORE horse liniment but in gel form. This all-natural…

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  • Dura-Tech® Cooling Gel Leg & Hoof Wrap

    Finally you can treat your horse's entire leg, including the hoof! These wraps stay cold for hours, and are made of a 420 denier outer with quilted gel filled section. They are flexible and conforming for your horse's comfort, and have hook & loop closures for optimum adjustability.Stays cold for…

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  • Pressure-Ice® Active Compression Cold Therapy System with Leg Wraps

    …your horse and apply the wraps, it's that simple!Treatments are programmed to alst 20 minutesCan be used with frozen gel packs (included) or ice/water packs (included)Quick release valves for optimal safetySystem includes: Pressure pump, charger, surcingle, leg wraps (2), gel packs (4), ice/water…

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  • Draw It Out Liniment Gel 16oz

    …apply without all of the mess for a traditional poultice. Great for use where wraps are hard to use.16 oz. gelGel formula is excellent for use when trailering or transporting, pre-event preparation and post-event cool down, injury recovery, injury prevention and to tighten legs.Veterinary strength…

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  • Pressure-Ice® Active Compression Cold Therapy - Hock Wrap Gel Pack

    …The cooling effect minimizes inflammation and acts as a mild analgesic. The cold active compression stimulates blood flow to the area, carrying oxygen to feed and heal damaged tissue. It also moves excessive fluid buildup from the area via the lymphatic system.Pressure-Ice® Hock Wrap Gel Packs…

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