Cribbing Collars

  • DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …do not recommend oiling the Dare® Cribbing Control Collar, especially the throat piece, which might soften the leather corners and diminish the effectiveness of anti-cribbing block. If you feel you must oil to soften the leather, oil only the crown strap. The collar should be kept clean using a good…

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  • Dura-Tech® Merino Sheepskin Cover for the DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …bucklesWool holds body heat in the cold and circulates air to keep cool in the heatDesigned and precision formed to specifically fit the DARE® Cribbing Control CollarMerino Sheep represent THE BEST in selective breeding. Prized for their fine, soft wool, since the 17th century, it demands a high…

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  • Merino Sheepskin Miracle Collar Cover

    Comforts and fits the standard Weaver Miracle Cribbing collarsSuper soft, dense 1" thick wool pile to eliminate rubsEach cover is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskinAllows horse's skin to breathe and won't interfere with ant-crib featuresMade in the USAMerino Sheep represent THE BEST in…

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  • Dura-Tech® Cribbing/Grazing Muzzle Liner

    Eliminate rubbing in the sensitive areas when wearing a muzzleFits both the full and cob size Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing/Grazing MuzzlesAttaches with hook and loop fasteners through muzzle slotsEach noseband is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskinSuper soft, dense 1" thick wool pile…

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  • Weaver Miracle Collar Cribbing Strap - Horse

    Effectively and humanely prevents cribbingCollar is 2" wide, 1 strap is 38" long and 2nd strap is 34" longCan be worn comfortably and safely while eating or drinkingCan be used with or without a halterApplies pressure to the larynx when the horse begins to cribConstructed of premium russet harness…

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