Curry Vacuum

  • Vac 'N' Blo Pro Deluxe Vacuum

    …100" water liftReplacement Filters also availableIncludes permanent cloth filter, three replaceable filter bags, two 6' flexible hoses with air control, hose attachments (air concentrator, air flare and grooming rake), three piece combo brushes (grooming, curry and pin comb) and grounded cord.

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  • Electro-Groom Vacuum

    Powerful vacuum that removes dirt, loose hair, dandruff and odor and leaving the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look. Can also be used as a powerful blower. Runs quietly. Dual motors allow you to shut down one motor to groom sensitive body areas. Tough baked enamel finish on 18…

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  • Vac 'N' Blo Pro Vacuum

    Vac n Blo (Model Pro-3AG) does all of the work and cuts grooming time in half. Use as a vacuum and the super suction (100" water lift) get down deep to remove dirt, dandruff and loose hair. Use it as a blower and it dries coats evenly and completely, leaving the hair smooth and lustrous. It will…

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    $529.99 $294.99
    10 Reviews