D Ring Horse Bit

  • FES Smooth Barrel D-Ring Bit

    The Smooth Barrel D-Ring is a great bit for horses and riders of all ages and skill levels. A good bit to introduce as a first bit to young horses. Slightly curved smooth mouthpiece alleviates some tongue pressure and allows the horse to swallow freely. Pressure is also applied to the bars of the…

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  • FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …steel bit has a soft rubber encased mouth piece that is perfect for starting young horses and helping them learn to accept a bit. The thicker rubber mouth applies gentle pressure to tongue and bars, sending signals in a direct way. This single jointed bit has traditional 3 1/2" D rings that won't…

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  • FES Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

    …outstanding bit for intermediate level horses to the seasoned, finished horse. This bit is made of stainless steel with a wide low ported barrel and larger D Rings with hooks to offer different leverage options. The barrel puts downward pressure on the tongue and offers relief as soon as the horse

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  • FES D Ring Reverse Spiral Snaffle Bit

    Great bit for the schooling a seasoned horse as well as for the horse in trainingReverse spiral works nicely for achieving the proper bend and flexCan help soften harder mouths and can get the horse’s attention if needed3 ½” stainless steel D Rings and mouthpieceMouthpiece: 5”Bit diameter” 8mm

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  • FES Slow Twist D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …Twist D Ring snaffle features the same classic design as the Hunter Dee with the added "bite" of a twisted mouth. This bit is great for the horse that is a little tough at the corners of his mouth.Slow twist mouthpiece sends a stronger, clearer signalLightens the pressure required for horse to…

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  • Myler Low Port Correction D Ring Bit

    …of your horse's training or rider's experienceGreat for the horses with advanced skills but requiring a bit more controlAllows tongue relief while offering various pressure points and bar pressureIndependent side movement allows rider to work each side separatelyStainless steel D Ring cheeks with…

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  • FES Twisted Wire D Ring Bit

    The twisted wire mouthpiece offers a greater amount of control for tougher horses. This bit applies pressured directly to the tongue and bars. The D rings feature slots to attach curb hooks and curb chain which will allow for various leverage options.Stainless SteelRings: 3 1/2"Mouth: 5"Bit…

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  • FES Brian Isbell D Ring Snaffle Bit

    Nicely balanced to give riders a softer, more controlled feel of the mouth3 1/2” stainless steel racing dees and 2 strand twisted wire mouthApplies pressure directly to the tongue and the bars of the mouthMouth:  5”Bit diameter:  8mm

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  • Myler Ported Barrel D Ring Bit

    …well for mature and finished horsesNice bit for the horses with advanced skills or the finished horseApplies pressure to the bars while allowing some tongue reliefIndependent side movement allows rider to work each side separatelyStainless steel D Ring cheeks with stainless mouth with copper…

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  • FES Correction D Ring Bit (No Hooks)

    A nice bit for the intermediate to advanced horse. The port creates downward pressure on the tongue with moderate pallet pressure. This bit does not have curb hooks or a chain so there is no added pressure on the chin.A nice bit for horses at the intermediate levels of training programs3 1/2"…

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  • FES Dr. Bristol D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …greater flexion and head position in younger horses or those with sensitive mouths. The center link folds gently across the tongue, lays flat and will not pinch. The double jointed bit has a stainless steel mouth and has larger, 3 3/4" D rings. This bit applies pressure to the tongue and corners of…

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  • FES Copper and Steel Roller D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …rollers add a taste horses like and will help calm a nervous horse, and pacify a bored horse.The perfect bit for everyday training, show ring or just out on the trailTwo copper rollers on each side help curb nervousness and ease boredomTraditional 3 1/2" stainless steel D rings with alternating…

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