D Ring Sweet Iron

  • FES D Ring Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit with Copper Roller

    …horse relax and accept the bitThree piece construction eliminates the nutcracker effect3 ½” stainless steel rings with sweet iron mouth with copper inlayCopper promotes salivation and increases responsivenessSweet iron will taste sweeter after it oxidizes (rusts)Mouthpiece:  5”Bit diameter:  10mm

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    $39.99 $27.99
    20 Reviews
  • Myler D Ring Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle Bit with Copper Inlay

    …horsesAllows independent side movement to isolate each side of the bitFree rotating barrel and made of polished sweet iron with copper inlayNatural oxidation will enhance the sweet taste and promote salivationCurved mouthpiece eases tongue pressure and allows horses to swallow freelyFixed mouthpiece…

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    12 Reviews
  • FES Sweet Iron Offset Snaffle D Ring Bit

    …mouthpiece is offset and applies direct pressure to the tongue and jaw when both reins are pulled. The sweet iron mouthpiece has copper inlay on the bars to promote salivation. The mouthpiece will rust over time which enhances the sweet taste.Stainless/Copper inlayDees: 3”Mouth: 5”Bit diameter: 11mm

    $35.99 $24.99
    3 Reviews
  • Myler Western D Ring Comfort Snaffle Bit with Copper Roller

    …a clearer signal.An outstanding starter bit and for teaching horses the basicsWestern style Dee rings are polished stainless steelCurved sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlay and copper rollerSweet iron will naturally oxidize producing an even sweeter tasteMouth: 5"Rings: 3 1/4"Western Dee Roller:…

  • Metalab FG Clinician D-Ring Pinchless Snaffle Bit with Rubber Covered Bars

    …horses or horses that have a very light mouth.Patented pinchless brushed stainless steel D-ringsSingle jointed brushed stainless steel with sweet iron mouth with rubber coated barsComfortable curved mouthpiece lets horses swallow easierApplies gentle pressure to the tongue and minimizes pressure…

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  • FES Offset D Ring Twisted Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit

    …pressure to the tongue and the jaw when reins are pulled evenlyOffset twisted wire mouthpiece adds leverage for quicker response31/4" stainless steel D Rings and sweet iron mouthpieceSweet iron promotes salivation and increases sensitivity as it oxidizes (rusts)Mouthpiece: 5"Bit diameter: 11/32"

    $42.99 $29.99
    24 Reviews