Dare Collar Fleece

  • DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …sidesUnique throat design keeps the collar in place without as much tension as other collarsMade of durable fine quality harness leather and no rust stainless steel hardwareComes with removable fleece coverWe do not recommend oiling the Dare® Cribbing Control Collar, especially the throat piece,…

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  • Dura-Tech® Merino Sheepskin Cover for the DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …behind bucklesWool holds body heat in the cold and circulates air to keep cool in the heatDesigned and precision formed to specifically fit the DARE® Cribbing Control CollarMerino Sheep represent THE BEST in selective breeding. Prized for their fine, soft wool, since the 17th century, it demands…

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