Dare Cribbing Collar

  • DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    Designed by professional horseman Rusty Dare, this unique cribbing collar has a cribbing block that keeps the collar in place without as much tension as other collars.Designed by professional horseman Rusty DareCribbing block is 3x5 1/2"wide, leather strap is 1 7/8" by 30", adjusts from 27" around…

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  • Dura-Tech® Merino Sheepskin Cover for the DARE® Cribbing Control Collar

    …behind bucklesWool holds body heat in the cold and circulates air to keep cool in the heatDesigned and precision formed to specifically fit the DARE® Cribbing Control CollarMerino Sheep represent THE BEST in selective breeding. Prized for their fine, soft wool, since the 17th century, it demands a…

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