• Betadine Surgical Scrub

    .sch {color: #F00;}Widely used by veterinarians for pre and post op scrubbing and washingReduces bacteria that potentially causes infectionAntiseptic sudsing cleanser contains providone iodine (7%)Disinfects minor cuts, wounds and abrasionsA must for every home, barn and first aid kitMade in the…

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  • Big Blaster Horse Sprayer

    High output professional horse sprayerAdjustable nozzle to achieve desired sprayGreat for fly spray, coat sprays, disinfectants or leather conditionerComfortable cushion grip triggerDilution ratios and calibrations on the side32 oz. with 36 oz. maximum fill capacity

    7 Reviews
  • Ultra® Bit Cleaner and Freshener

    Great for cleaning and disinfecting bits while creating a bright luster for the show ring and leaving a pleasant peppermint taste that your horse will enjoy.Cleans and freshens bits while leaving a pleasant tasteFormulated to break up and dissolve dried saliva as it disinfectsHelps horses take the…

    22 Reviews
  • Nolvasan® Disinfectant 128 oz

    A sanitizing solution recommended for the disinfection of any type of object or premises to help control the spread of viruses, fungus and bacteria.Chlorhexidine Diacetate For animal premises use onlyUse to prevent infectionPossesses a wide range of antimicrobial activity - provides a rapid and…

  • Neon Sprayer

    Handy, fun colored multi-purpose sprayers!Nozzle adjusts to achieve desired sprayCalibrations and dilution ratios on the sideGreat for fly sprays, coat conditioners or disinfectants32 oz. with 36 oz. maximum fill capacity

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  • Brush Therapy

    An innovative way to clean your brushes. Just add the Brush Therapy citrus scented powder to water and toss in your brushes, let them sit for about 5 minutes, and then rinse clean. Rinse and wipe out your bucket and it is safe to use for anything else. You'll be amazed how clean your brushes (and…

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