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Double S Antique Studded Spur Straps

  • Billy Royal® Studded Rancher Western Spur Straps

    …western spur straps are nicely crafted with doubled rich brown leather and detailed with the edges outlined with stainless steel studs. These straps have a stainless steel cart buckle with black edge trim and raised leather keepers so the straps are tighter against the boot. The straps have a broke…

    $71.99 $49.99
    2 Reviews
  • Double S Shaped Leather Spur Straps

    These spur straps come in rich dark chocolate leather. They are easy to buckle, don't require break in time, and will keep your boots scuff free.Soft supple rich chocolate Latigo leather spurs straps will keep your boots looking new and scuff freeEasy to buckle and needs no break in timeStainless…

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    $35.99 $24.99
  • Billy Royal® Bling Stars with Studs Spur Straps

    The perfect accent to round out your Stars & Stud collectionEach strap is handcrafted from the most supple Grade A leatherHand tooled in the popular basket weave patternIntricately detailed silver stud embellishmentsSingle leather backed concho with silver plates buckle, tips and keepersColor:…

    $57.99 $39.99
  • Double S Tooled Copper Collection

    …new Copper Collection combines the classic Old West style with a great antique finish that will complement any horse whether for work or pleasure. Premium Grade A leather is nicely tooled and features antique copper studs set along the strap edges with antique copper conchos on each side. Light oil

    $85.99 - $99.99 $59.99 - $69.99
    13 Reviews
  • Double S Reno Barrel Saddle

    …fun pink padded suede seat, roughout seat jockey, antiqued silver conchos with a hint of pink accent, and studded cantle The cut away skirt under the fenders adds more feel and contact with your horseHas latigo leather off billet and cinch strap, hind cinch, and metal stirrupsBuilt on a lightweight…

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    $714.99 $499.99
  • Double S Outlaw Youth Package

    …and floral patternsStainless steel hardware and fine stud accents on chestnut leatherChicago screw w/antique concho at bit ends and plain light oil throatlatchScalloped cheeks and browbandMeasures: 43" (longest) with ample double side adjustmentMatching Double S Double Tooled Breastcollar

  • Double S Double Tooled Browband Bridle

    …and floral patternsStainless steel hardware and fine stud accents on chestnut leatherChicago screw w/antique concho at bit ends and plain light oil throatlatchScalloped cheeks and browbandMeasures:  43” (longest) with ample double side adjustmentMatching Double S Double Tooled Breastcollar

    $85.99 $59.99
    4 Reviews
  • FES Antique Rhinestone Spurs

    Nice looking show spur with a little added blingCrafted with an antique bronze finish that will rust over time leaving a beautiful aged lookEngraved German silver overlay with crystal accents10 point rounded ends helps increase responsivenessHinged spur button with gooseneck angleBand width: 1…

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    $78.99 $54.99
    19 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Double S Tool Flare Cheek Stud One Ear Bridle

    …workmanship Handcrafted from premium supple leather and beautifully hand tooledEngraved sterling silver plate buckles and large concho on bit endsSilver stud accents on the ear, cheeks and crown pieceFlared cheek design with Chicago screw bit ends with silver tips and keepersMeasures 41” (bit end to…

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    $99.99 $69.99
    12 Reviews
  • Double S Cody Show Saddle

    …fenders with full silver plate scalloped trim, black leather accents, studs, and a silver hornSemi-Quarter Horse bars with a 7 1/2" wide gullet, offering a great fit for today's modern conformationsLatigo leather cinch strap and off billet flex with your horse's movementsBuilt on a rawhide wrapped…

    $1144.99 $799.99
  • Billy Royal® Black Croc Spur Straps

    Nicely handcrafted, genuine black leather strap in a faux croc finish. Antiqued silver buckle and concho add a subtle bit of class to a traditional style spur strap. Supple leather contours to your boot.Ladies (measures 8 ½" at the shortest and 10" at the longest)

    $71.99 $49.99
    1 Reviews
  • Billy Royal® Bling Dazzle Spur Straps

    Fun strap that adds a little sparkle to an all-around classic styleBeautifully crafted from supple, hand rubbed and oiled harness leatherNicely tooled in a basket weave pattern with stainless studs on the edgesLarge leather backed concho features crystals and studs around the edgesRope edged…

    $74.99 $39.99 - $49.99
    3 Reviews
    2 colors
    Aurora BorealisTurquoise