Easy Up Fan

  • Easy-Up® Box Fan Supports

    …square fans in place on stall fronts at home or at shows. Fan rests inside both supports at bottom and the tops of the supports hook over the wall. Supports are not permanently attached to each other so they can be placed at any distance needed for each other.Unique solution to safely secure fans on…

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  • Easy-Up® Fan Holder

    …the easiest way to hang your horse's fan at home or at shows!Lightweight over the stall fan holder will hold any standard box fan up to 6' wideKeeping your horse cool in their stall and air circulation keeps flies to a minimumWill fit over any standard stall wall up to 2" wideGray armor coat finish,…

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  • Easy-Up® Overhead Stall Fan Holder

    …angle fan support for maximum air circulation. The best place to mount stall fans is at the top of the wall, to circulate fresh air around the whole stall.Easily mounts at the top of stall wall for optimum functionalityHeavy duty steel frame assembles easily to hold most standard box fans (up to 24"…

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  • Dura-Tech® Box Fan Holder

    No muss, no fuss way to hang box fans in your barn or stalls1" heavy duty poly web harness holds fan securely in placeHang fan by looping adjustable straps over the top of the stallSnap the hanging strap to the harness Dee rings and adjust heightFan stays secure in the harness and is hard for horses…

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  • Easy-Up® 10 Arm Vertical Pad Rack

    …and space saving, Easy Up has the answer. The innovative design of the Vertical Pad Rack is preferred by professionals to quickly locate the right pad at the right time. This system is ideal to allow pads to dry and air out after use Each 'arm' swivels so pads can be 'fanned' out to be displayed…

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