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Finish Line Apple-A-Day Electrolyte

Apple-A-Day contains no electrolyte fillers such sugars, so you feed less then most other brands. Increased work and increased temperature and humidity will make your horse sweat more, requiring more electroylytes.Fresh water and a salt block or loose salt should always be free choice for your…

5.0 out of 5

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Apple Elite Electrolyte

…Apple Flavor, Artificial Coloring. Indications: ELITE™ Electrolyte supplements horses to provide additional electrolyte salts and trace minerals that may be lost by dehydration. Directions: Dosage: ELITE™ Electrolyte may be administered in the horse's feed or drinking water…

5.0 out of 5
Uckele Pro-Lyte Electrolyte Pellets

…Chloride - 28,614 mg Magnesium (min.) - 200mg Potassium (min.) - 7,530 mg * Schneider’s Exclusive! No sugar added, professional formula electrolyte * Keeps horses hydrated and energized by replacing vital minerals lost through vigorous activities * Pelleted formula is less likely to be sifted…

$29.99 - $42.95
$19.99 - $29.99
5.0 out of 5
Horse Hydrator Water Filter System

What is the most essential nutrient to a horse? You are correct, WATER is. It is common knowledge that horses are composed of 70% water. So you know that water and proper hydration can make a monumental impact in overall health and performance in your horse. You always have water in front of them…

$29.99 $24.99
4.5 out of 5

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Himalayan Horse Rock Salt Lick

* Mined from ancient deposits in the Himalayan Mountains * Rose pink color indicates high mineral content * Assures a balanced intake of iron, potassium and magnesium * Hang in your horse's stall, a great boredom reliever * 2.2 lbs or 4.4 lbs available on a rope * 4.4 lbs brick fits in standard…

$8.99 - $9.99
$7.99 - $8.99
5.0 out of 5

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Peak Performance  Nutrients Perfect Balance Electrolite Paste (3 Dose)

…the proportion of electrolytes lost in horse’s sweat. This ensures accurate balance and absorption for all horses. Perfect Balance Electrolite also provides concentrated Chloride levels which new studies indicate is an extremely important but often overlooked electrolyte. Perfect Balance…

4.5 out of 5

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Kentucky Performance Products Endura-Max Electrolyte Supplement

An electrolyte supplement specifically designed for horses in low-intensity, long-duration exercise so they can recover more quickly.

Horse Health APPLE-DEX Electrolyte Supplement

Help support your horse’s electrolyte balance with this low sugar electrolyte supplement, perfect for horse’s that are on low sugar diets.

Horse Health ELECTRO DEX Electrolyte Supplement

Help your horse replace electrolytes lost during exercise or just the heat of the summer with America’s original electrolyte supplement.

Neogen Stress-Dex Electrolyte Supplement

Keep your equine athlete performing their best with an electrolyte supplement designed with them in mind.

dac Electro-Aid Electrolyte Supplement

Keep your horse’s electrolytes at optimum levels no matter their level of exercise with this dac® electrolyte supplement.


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Buckeye Nutrition Perform N Win Electrolyte Supplement

Keep your horse hydrated and at peak performance with an electrolyte supplement that’s university tested to increase stamina by nearly 25%.


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Standard Likit Refills

…more relaxed and contended horse. The Sport Likit is an apple flavored salt based Electrolyte treat for the active horse, designed to replace important electrolytes that they loose when they sweat. Electrolytes help to maintain the correct balance of fluids in the body and are essential for correct…

4.5 out of 5

Horse Quencher Hydration Supplement

Keep your horse hydrated anywhere with the Horse Quencher™ hydration supplement.

$29.99 $26.99
Foxden Equine TractGard Digestive Supplement

This pelleted digestive supplement is packed with electrolytes eliminating the need to feed an additional supplement to your horse.


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Likit Ice Himalayan Salt Refill

* 100% natural and mined in the Himalayan mountains * Rose pink color indicated high mineral content * Assures a balanced intake of iron, potassium and magnesium * Fits in all Likit holders is great as a boredom breaker * Does not crumble of dissolve like other salt licks

5.0 out of 5

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