• EquiFUSE® Shine Perfect + Shine Spray

    EquiFUSE® Perfect + Shine Spray is a first of its kind, multi-tasking shining spray. Formulated to promote hair health and infuse hair with a long lasting shine that enhances color instantly. Fast drying and non-greasy, this spray leaves mane, tail and coat soft and smooth as it repels dust and…

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  • EquiFUSE Gleam Moisturizer

    Serious horse care starts with GLEAM! GLEAM moisturizing and shine serum is an ultra rich formula created for all equine hair types. GLEAM provides superior, long-lasting shine while rejuvenating root deep. Infused with Macadamia nut oil and Vitamin E to blast through brittle and tangled tresses,…

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  • EquiFUSE Citra Creme Conditioner

    …with anti-static proteins and in the ultimate detangler promoting a polished finishCreamy formula infused with natural oils of oranges, lemons and sesame seedsMade in the USA16 oz. For best results use with EquiFUSE® CitraFoam™ Shampoo, EquiFUSE® Rehydrinse™ and EquiFUSE® Gleam Moisturizer.

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  • EquiFUSE Citra Foam Shampoo

    …and dandruffConcentrated formula encourages a clean horse without the wasteInfused with d-limonene, an eco-friendly component of orange oilD-limonene provides 100% of this natural fragrance to neutralize odorsMade in the USA16 oz. For best results use in conjunction with other EquiFUSE® Products.

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  • Equifuse CFS Paste Shampoo 1lb

    Ultimate necessity for the busy barns that expect quality resultsPaste formulation is designed to clean, finish and shine all in one bathMoisturizing agents leave the coat gleaming and conditionedExtreme suds and foam result in easier bathing and cleansingPromotes a soft, flexible and sparkling coat…

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  • EquiFUSE CitraFoam Sulfate Free + Foaming Horse Shampoo 64 oz

    This shampoo is a concentrated formula that helps repair dry, damaged coats without stripping away the natural oils. Formulated with plant based ingredients, this formula instantly foams, massaging the skin and deep cleaning to remove the toughest stains and loosen embedded debris. This is a sulfate…

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  • EquiFUSE Rehydrinse Coat Protector

    Rehydrinse™ 1 step coat protector + Conditioner is the ultimate necessity for the serious horse owner.Rediscover the soft resilience of the equine coat with this nurishing blend of moisturizers and rich proteins.One step coat protector and conditioner for the serious horse ownerRediscover the soft…

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