Equine Red Light

  • Photizo Vetcare Handheld Light Therapy Unit

    …rechargeable, LED light therapy device that utilizes both red and infrared light in a precise measured dose for highly effective treatment in all types of animalsConvenient, safe, and simple enough for anyone to use effectivelyCells that are injured can be rejuvenated by light. Light has a broad…

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  • ARMORFlex® Challenger V-Free® Fit Turnout Sheet - Surcingle

    This waterproof turnout sheet is ready to challenge the rain and keep your lower withered horse dry for years to come.This blanket was fomerly known as the StormShield® V-Free® New Briton Surcingle Turnout SheetSpecialty fits to keep your horse comfortablePatented V-Free® design prevents rubbing and…

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  • ARMORFlex® Challenger V-Free® Fit Surcingle Turnouts

    A waterproof turnout blanket that's exclusive design will fit your low to moderate withered horse without any of the discomfort or fit issues of traditional styles.Also available in Tekno-Fleece®, which is designed to ensure your horse is comfortable and sweat-free in wavering tempsSpecialty fits to…

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  • Equine Light Therapy® Small Kit

    A useful light therapy pad, unlike other light therapy products, this flexible pad can be used on a variety of areas, benefitting soft tissue injuries, inflammation, soreness, arthritis pain and more.9-1/2" X 7" (24.1cm x 17.8cm) and has 66 LEDs!30 visible red (660nm) and 36 near infrared…

  • Equine Light Therapy® Medium Kit

    This versatile light therapy pad is the perfect size for wounds, soft tissue injuries, and chronic problem areas for preventive maintenance, on both horses and dogs.9-1/2" X 12" (30.5cm X 24.1cm) and has 132 LEDs: 60 visible red (660nm) and 72 near infrared (880nm)Internal Timer turns pad off after…

  • Equine Light Therapy® Large Kit

    …is so versatile! This light therapy pad is a "must have" for a variety of soft tissue injuries, to use on a chronic problem area or for preventive maintenance and warming up the back muscles before a ride.Measures 12" X 17" (43.2cm x 30.5cm) and has 264 LEDs: 120 visible red (660nm) and 144 near…

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  • Horse Fare Large Vinyl Wood Tack Trunk

    …39"L x 24"WVinyl Color: Black, White, Red, Maroon, Grey, Dark Grey, Hunter, Kelly, Teal, Light Blue, Navy, Royal, Purple, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Tan, Brown, Pink or Hot PinkVinyl Trim Color: Black, White, Red, Maroon, Grey, Dark Grey, Hunter, Kelly, Teal, Light Blue, Navy, Royal, Purple, Yellow,…

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