• Farnam® Vetrolin® Liniment Equiveil™ 360° Sprayer

    The Vetrolin® liniment you already love in an easy to use 360° sprayer to help relieve soreness and inflammation all over the body.Features Include:360° sprayer delivers even coverage with less wasteWorks deep down to revitalize joints and relieve inflammationStimulates blood flow to relieve…

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  • Farnam Endure Fly Spray

    Unique formula stays active through sweat or in wet conditionsProtects against biting or nuisance flies, gnats, deer ticks and liceProvides quick repellency and knock down of mosquitoesExclusive Repelock® conditioner binds to hair shaft to lock in repellencyProvides up to 14 days of fly…

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  • IverCare

    The most complete bot control availableEffectively controls large and small strongyles, pinworms, lungworms, ascarids, threadworm and threadwormsBroad spectrum ivermectin pasteAdvanced Sure-Grip syringe for ease of administrationSafe for use in pregnant mares and foal as young as 2 months oldMade in…

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  • Vetrolin Liniment and Body Wash

    Vetrolin® Liniment is a delightfully aromatic camphor and soap analgesic concentrate to be used as a counter-irritant aid in the temporary relief of minor stiff and sore muscles caused by overexertion. Vetrolin® Liniment has a hint of green soap. It helps relieve inflammation, and stimulate blood…

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  • Bronco Fly Spray

    Effectively kills and repels flies, mosquitos, gnats, fleas and ticksMicro-emulsified for better penetration of the coatCan be used on horses, ponies, dogs and premiseNon oily formula with a pleasant citronella scent32 oz. sprayer or 128 oz. refillMade in the USADescription:Water-based, ready-to-use…

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  • Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Fly Repellent Spray

    Protect your horse against flies and the sun with this long-lasting fly repellent spray and sunscreen. Features Include:Protects against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies, plus gnats and mosquitoesContains sunscreen to protect against UV raysProtects against deer ticks that may…

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  • Farnam Rain Maker

    Special natural ingredients are combined to give Rain Maker™ hoof moisturizer its unique "Triple Action" - attraction of moisture to the hoof, absorption of moisture and retention of the moisture once it has been absorbed. This advanced-formula hoof dressing that leaves hooves stronger and more…

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  • Farnam® Weight Builder™

    Weight Builder™ provides extra calories for equine weight gain, body condition, and fuel for performance.Calories are concentrated in the form of fatSupports skin and coat condition while providing fuel for performanceHelps maintain calcium to phosphorus ratioMade in the USAGranular FormulaSize: 7.5…

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  • Farnam Repel X-PE Emulsifiable Concentrate

    Concentrated formula has been the horseman’s choice for over 30 yearsEconomical protection from annoying, disease carrying pests and insectsRepels and kills horn flies, deer flies, gnats, mosquitos, fleas and ticks4 oz. of concentrate makes 32 oz. of spraySizes:  16 oz., 32 oz., or 128 oz.Made in…

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  • Vetrolin Bath 64 Oz.

    Concentrated Verolin® Baths three specially formulated surfactants clean gently and effectively. Rich lather foams away dirt, skin debris, and dandruff. Protein-enriched conditioners and PABA sunscreen protect skin and hair from environmental pollutants. Vetrolin® Bath rinses fast, leaving only a…

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  • Equisect™ Fly Repellent 128 oz.

    Proven to outperform other leading natural fly spraysEffectively controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats, tick, fleas and liceContains the botanical repellent PyGanic®Approved by the OMRI for use in organic farmingFor use on horses, dogs and cats128 oz. refillMade in the USADescription:EQUISECT™ Fly…

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  • Excalibur® Sheath Cleaner

    A gentle cleanser to soften, loosen and remove accumulated body oils, dirt and debrisContains Tea Tree Oil imported from Australia to gently dissolve dirtRinses out easily. Will not leave residue on skinNon-irritating, specially formulated for equine useHelps speed up cleansing processMade in the…

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