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Felt Pony Pad

  • Mayatex Apache Wool Western Pony Saddle Pad

    A western show pad that adds extra interest to your pony's show outfit.Hand woven from the finest quality New Zealand woolWool is breathable and has superior moisture wicking abilityHeavyweight, tightly woven to fit over most pony protective padsMachine wash delicate with Woolite and line dryWeight:…

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    3 colors
  • Centaur® Imperial All Purpose Pony Saddle Pad

    A classic schooling saddle pad that's sized to fit your pony saddle perfectly.1 1/2" Diamond quilting patternBillet straps with quick release Velcro and secure girth strapsMaterial: Cotton shell and lining with 15mm foam fillSize: Spine - 21", Width - 24 1/2", Drop - 17"

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    3 colors
    Navy/Light BlueWhiteWhite/Navy
  • Dura-Tech® Close Contact Felt Pad

    3/4" Wool felt work pad with close contact custom cutout lower sidesContour shaped gullet cutout along spine to eliminate spinal pressure and enhance saddle fit2 piece construction vented cutout over wither for increased airflowLeather reinforced panel over with, spine and sides and durable nylon…

    $99.99 $69.99
    17 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Miracle Felt Liner Pad

    Adds extra cushion, relieves saddle pressure and helps absorb shockTough, tear proof pad prevents saddle slippage and keeps over pads cleanPads are highly breathable and help absorb and wick away moistureFits under most sized work or show padsMade of synthetic feltColor: Black

    $35.99 $24.99
    32 Reviews
  • Dura-Tech® Wool Felt Wither Relief Half Pad

    …wither relief pad is thin enough that you don't loose the feel of your horse's back but thick enough to offer protection for your horse.Reduces friction between the saddle and the horseWither pads can protect your horses sensitive wither area while improving your saddle fitTotal pad is 1/2" thick…

    $28.99 $19.99
  • Dura-Tech® Felt Lined Canvas Western Saddle Pad

    A western saddle pad that's made with your horses' comfort in mind as well as your own, it's felt lining acts as the perfect cushion.Designed to handle the toughest workouts in any training barnBreathable felt underside wicks moisture to keep backs cool1" felt layer is complemented a with heavy duty…

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    $49.99 $34.99
    5 Reviews
  • Professional's Choice® Cowboy Felt Air Ride Pad

    All in one American made wool pad designed with a horse’s comfort in mindAir Ride core combines protection, comfort and breathability into one padContoured back for optimal fit and felt bottom to wick away moistureOversized, oil tanned wear leathers offer additional durabilityColor: grayMeasures: 31…

    $209.99 $179.99
    3 Reviews
  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Western Felt Saddle Pad

    …recommend that you introduce treatment gradually: limit use to 4 hrs daily for the first 2-3 days.Use as a work pad or as a liner under a navajo pad. The Lux® Ceramic Western Pad is great for horses with cold, tense, or sore backs. The stimulated blood flow can speed warm-up, improve performance,…

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    $199.99 $139.99
    4 Reviews
  • Professional's Choice® Comfort-Fit Steam Pressed Felt Western Saddle Pad

    The ideal western saddle pad for everyday riding or for use under show pads, with a contoured and moisture wicking design for your horse's comfortMade from moisture wicking steamed felt which provides ideal impact protectionContoured design provides anatomically correct fit and keeps the saddle in…

    $129.99 $119.99
  • Dura-Tech® Wool Felt Memory Foam Wither Relief Half Pad

    …as a shock absorber between the rider and horseReduces friction between the saddle and the horseWither pads can protect your horses sensitive wither area while improving your saddle fitTotal pad is 1" thick with a 1/2" memory foam sandwiched between 2 layers of 1/4" wool feltSpine has an elongated…

    $85.99 $59.99
  • Diamond Wool Contour Cowboy Felt Western Saddle Pad

    This is an outstanding quality Western pad that is thick enough to go solo under the saddle to provide great cushioning comfort with its contoured style fit. Known for outstanding performance, this pad has a wool blend top and a 100% virgin brown wool bottom that wicks moisture from the back. The…

    $172.99 $79.99
  • Dura-Tech® Contour Felt Gel Comfort Western Saddle Pad

    …inserts are perfectly placed to keep your horse happy and performing his best.This pad is contoured to follow your horse's topline and has a cut out wither relief. The 7/8" pad is made of dense moisture wicking wool felt with gel-lite inserts on each side. The gel inserts relieve pressure over the…

    $171.99 $119.99
    3 Reviews