Fes Copper Correction

  • FES Copper Correction D Ring Bit with Hooks

    …direct pressure to the tongue until horse breaks at the poll3 1/2" stainless steel rings with hooks to allow leverage optionsCopper mouth piece bars with a stainless steel correction portCopper bars promote a softer mouth and increase salivationMouth: 5"Port height: 2"Bit diameter: 10 mm

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  • FES Aluminum Smooth Correction

    A very lightweight correction that is suitable for the intermediate to advanced horse. The lightness of this bit makes it easy for even the heaviest of handed riders to use it without hurting your horses mouth. The copper rollers help to promote salivation to promote a softer mouth and helps to keep…

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  • FES Copper Correction Kimberwick

    A nice ported correction bit to discourage horses from pulling and leaning on the bit. Great for working on collection and suppleness. Rein slots offer different leverage options, with the top slot offering direct action and the lower slot putting pressure on the mouth, curb and poll. Pressure is…

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  • FES Correction with Copper Inlay

    …each side to be worked individuallyTongue pressure can be harsh at the flexible joint when worked separatelyAntique bronze swivel cheeks with engraved sterling silver plate trimStainless steel mouthpiece with copper inlay to promote salivationMouthpiece: 5"Cheeks: 6 1/2"Port: 2"Bit diameter: 3/8"

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  • FES Alamosa Correction Bit with Copper Rollers

    …German silver overlay and copper accentsShould be used by experienced riders on well broke, seasoned horsesWorks on the bars and palate while providing tongue relief through the portCopper rollers promote salivation and soften the mouthCheek: 7 1/2"Port: 2" correction with copper rollersMouth: 5"Bar…

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  • FES Swept Back Correction Bit with Copper Rollers

    For advanced horses that need help with improving collection or bend, this correction bit is an excellent choice with a sweet iron and copper mouth to encourage softness and salivation.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookSweet iron…

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  • FES Square Correction D Ring Bit with Copper Roller

    …of the copper roller and eliminates pinched cheeks and tongues. The copper roller and copper center inlay stimulates salivation. Rings have hooks for attaching headstall and reins, curb hooks and chain can also be added to the hooks with the headstall.Nice training bit with a low correction port to…

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  • FES Pro Correction Bit with Silver Dots and Copper Rollers

    …teaching horses to flex at the poll and lift at the shoulderBlackened stainless steel swivel cheeks with silver dot accentsStainless steel port with copper roller mouthpiece to help promote salivationApplies palate pressure and tongue pressure is applied at the flexible jointsEach side can be worked…

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  • FES Pro Correction w/Copper Roller D Ring Bit

    …the palate and bars of the mouth. The 3 piece action breaks over the bars of the mouth at an angle while rotating the correction port, offering some tongue relief. Larger copper rollers help pacify nervous horses while promoting salivation. Made of stainless steel. Larger D rings with hooks to offer…

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  • FES Medium Port Correction Bit

    A medium port correction bit that allows for subtle corrections to be made when used on seasoned horse.Antique bronze cheek with silver plate engraved accentsThe cheek will rust leaving a beautiful aged lookThe longer shank offers a more direct line from your hand to your horse's mouth for a quicker…

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  • FES Competition Ball Jointed Correction

    …pressure is appliedApplies moderate palate pressure and can work each side of the horse separatelyStainless steel loose shanks are swept back and decrease the signal response timeStainless steel port with copper bars that help promote salivationMouthpiece: 5"Cheeks: 7"Port: 1 3/4"Bit diameter: 7/16"

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  • FES Pro Correction Bit Extra Heavy Cheeks

    …horses and looks fantastic in the show ring.Antique bronze swivel cheeks with silver dot detail offers a quicker response timeSpoon mouth port with copper roller applies palate pressure and limits tongue pressureCopper rollers on the mouthpiece promote salivation and increase sensitivityCheek pieces…

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