Fes Irons

  • FES Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Jointed Irons

    …concept in stirrup irons that helps riders develop and achieve the correct foot position. The sides of the irons are jointed to enable riders to get their heels down easier. The black finish will distract unwanted attention to foot movement while in the show ring.The irons are made of stainless…

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  • FES Black Steel Irons

    Great looking stirrup iron that provides a clean and classy lookBlends nicely into tall boots to conceal excessive foot movementBalanced and weighted to limit movement and quickly retrieveSteel fillis style coated with black nickel platingCompatible with most stirrup leather widthsWeight: 18.4 oz.

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    $49.99 $34.99
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  • FES Sweet Iron Square Snaffle

    …keep horses from leaning on the bitGreat for teaching horses to balance and carry himself correctlySquare mouthpiece sends a much clearer signal to the mouth3.5” stainless steel rings with a sweet iron mouthpieceSweetness of the mouthpiece increases with oxidizationMouthpiece:  5”Bit diameter:  8mm

    $32.99 $22.99
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  • FES SS Fillis Iron

    Classic style Fillis irons are the most popular of all English irons. Nicely weighted and balanced so riders can pick them up easily, position their feet correctly and limit excessive movement. Made of stainless steel and has replaceable black rubber foot pads. Ideal for all English…

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    $59.99 $39.99
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  • FES Sweet Iron Argentine Snaffle Bit

    …sweet iron shanked snaffle. This bit introduces mild leverage and curb pressure without overwhelming a young horse.Single jointed snaffle for transitioning young horses to a curbShort shank for direct communication from the rider's handBlack steel cheeks with sweet iron mouthSweet iron mouth will…

    $64.99 $44.99
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  • FES Sweet Iron Medium Port Grazing Bit

    …all-around bit for horse of all ages. It has engraved aluminum swept back loose cheeks that pre-signal the horse when cues are coming. The sweet iron mouth piece has copper inlay to promote salivation and will rust over time, which produces an even sweeter taste. This bit applies gentle tongue…

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    $64.99 $44.99
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  • FES Sweet Iron Dog Bone Twisted Wire

    …evenly, eliminating the nutcracker effect.Dog bone center link spreads pressure evenly over bars and tongueTwisted wire mouth sends a clear communication with less pullMouth piece is sweet iron with pinch free sliding sleeves on each side3" stainless steel ringsMouthpiece: 5"Bit diameter: 3/8"

    $39.99 $27.99
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  • FES Stainless Steel Jointed Irons

    These irons help riders develop and achieve the correct foot position. The sides of the irons are jointed to enable riders to get their heels down easier, while eliminating knee and ankle joint pain when compared to standard irons.Helps riders develop and achieve the correct foot position The sides…

    $89.99 $59.99
  • FES Sweet Iron Offset Snaffle D Ring Bit

    …riders of all ages and skill levels. The mouthpiece is offset and applies direct pressure to the tongue and jaw when both reins are pulled. The sweet iron mouthpiece has copper inlay on the bars to promote salivation. The mouthpiece will rust over time which enhances the sweet taste.Stainless/Copper…

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  • FES Stainless Steel Peacock Safety Irons

    The ultimate set of irons to protect young or inexperienced riders from unexpected injury. The irons are designed to free a rider's foot by pushing through the rubber band in the event of an emergency.Rubber bands and tabs are easily replacedStainless steel irons are weighted nicely for…

    $69.99 $49.99
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  • FES Weighted O-Ring Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit

    …corners of the mouth. The sweet iron mouthpiece will rust over time and will produce a sweet taste to promote salivation and soften the mouth.Weighted stainless steel rings with a sweet iron mouthpieceEncourages horses break at the poll to achieve proper head setSweet iron mouth will rust over time…

    $47.99 $32.99
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  • FES Aluminum Spoon Sweet Iron Mouth Bit

    …horses lighten up and lift their shoulders and increases responsivenessNicely engraved lightweight aluminum cheeks are great for the show ringSweet iron mouthpiece that helps promote salivation and increase sensitivityLong, swept back shanks decreases the response time from riders handsSwept back…

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