Fes Jointed Training Snaffle

  • FES Jointed Training Snaffle

    Nice, gentle bit that helps start both young horses and riders.Long shank increases leverage to quicken response from the handStainless steel shanks and sweet iron mouthpiece with copper inlayCopper inlay promotes salivation and sweet iron taste increases as it oxidizes (rusts)Loose cheek pieces and…

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  • FES Correction Training Bit

    This is a nice leverage style bit to help horses transition from a snaffle bit. The lower port offers light palate pressue which is released when the horse flexes at the poll. Simple design features pinchless swept back shanks that decrease signal response from the rider's hands. This bit applies…

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  • FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …signals in a direct way. This single jointed bit has traditional 3 1/2" D rings that won't pull through the mouth while training.Outstanding choice for starting young horses and getting them to accept a bit3 1/2" traditional stainless steel D ringsSingle jointed stainless steel mouth wrapped in soft…

    $42.99 $29.99
  • FES Brian Isbell D Ring Snaffle Bit

    Nicely balanced to give riders a softer, more controlled feel of the mouth3 1/2” stainless steel racing dees and 2 strand twisted wire mouthApplies pressure directly to the tongue and the bars of the mouthMouth:  5”Bit diameter:  8mm

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  • FES Copper and Steel Roller D Ring Snaffle Bit

    The D Ring snaffle applies the same amount of rein pressure to the mouth and has a more direct signal than the loose ring. Larger D-Rings will not allow bit to pull through the mouth or pinch at corners of mouth. The copper and stainless rollers add a taste horses like and will help calm a nervous…

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  • FES Cyprium Slow Twist D Ring Snaffle Bit

    …and tongue movement, but provides a slight edge or "bite" for better attention to the bit. Dees are highly polished finest stainless steel.Nice training bit that sends a little stronger, clearer signal to the horse3" stainless steel dee rings and slow twisted cyprium mouthpieceCyprium contains more…

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    6 Reviews
  • FES Rubber D Ring Snaffle Bit with Hooks

    Nice, soft and gentle bit perfect for starting young horsesStainless steel Dees with hook to offer leverage optionsStainless steel mouth is encased in molded soft, pliable rubberPuts pressure on the corners of the mouth and tongueMouthpiece: 5" with 3 1/2" Stainless Steel D RingBit diameter:…

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  • FES Curved Copper Offset D Ring Snaffle Bit

    Nice, gentle bit that is perfect for starting young horses or inexperienced ridersGreat for teaching horses to balance themselves and learn suppling exercisesApplies pressure to the tongue and the bars when reins are pulled evenlyJointed mouthpiece allows rider to work each side individually to…

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  • FES Brushed D Ring Square Twist Snaffle bit

    Great training bit to increase response with little hand motionAids in suppling exercises and helps teach balanced movement3” stainless steel D Rings with a stainless steel mouthpieceMouthpiece features square twist to increase responseMouthpiece: 5”Bit diameter: 3/8”

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  • FES Offset D Ring Twisted Sweet Iron Snaffle Bit

    …pulled or on the side of the face when using one rein at a time. Snaffles apply and release pressure much faster than a curb bit but does not apply as much total pressure making snaffles a wonderful training bit.Great everyday training bit for horses that aren't quite ready for a curbIdeal for…

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  • FES Slow Twist Full Cheek

    Great training bit to increase response with little hand motionAids in suppling exercises and helps teach balanced movementStainless steel rings and cheeks with a copper mouthpieceCopper is sweet to the horses taste and promotes salivation – increasing mouth softnessBrass bushings between the mouth…

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  • FES Square Correction D Ring Bit with Copper Roller

    An ideal training bit. The port is jointed at each side, allowing it to work similar to a snaffle, but the port encourages the horse to soften at the poll. The port is also broken on each side of the copper roller and eliminates pinched cheeks and tongues. The copper roller and copper center inlay…

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