Fetlock Wraps

  • Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polo Wraps

    …from impact as well as protecting the cannon bone and sesamoids. The suspensory strap wraps under the fetlock to add addition support and take the guess work out of correct placement. These one piece, wrap around polos are constructed of dense, 360 gram anti-pill fleece and are secured with two…

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  • Woof Wear Color Fusion Dressage Wrap

    The Woof Wear Dressage Wrap is a quick and easy alternative to bandaging and provides support to the tendon and fetlock, with fun color options!Smart and flexible, the Dressage Wrap allows full flexibility of movement and the 7mm breathable neoprene keeps joints and tendons coolThe plush outer…

    $84.99 $57.99
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    4 colors
  • Professional's Choice® VenTECH™ Standard Skid Boots

    …limestone based neoprene conforms to your horse's legStrong, yet flexible to ensure optimum protection of the entire fetlock areaPadded leather patch protection on the inside of the fetlock and cannon boneRecessed threads on skid cups won't wear out or tear while slidingRadius cut straps are easier…

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  • Lux Ceramic Therapy® Fast Wrap Polos

    …lining will speed your horse's warm-up time, keep legs loose/limber and prevent injury.All the functionality of a polo wrap in a hassle-free designLower strap wraps around fetlock for complete protection3 hook & loop closures for secure fitSoft, 360 gram anti-pill fleece outer, a layer of comfort…

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  • Equilibrium Stretch & Flex™ Flatwork Wraps

    …warmer your horse's legs become the more breathable the wrap isFlatwork wraps that are perfect for horses that need light support and protectionIdeal for flatwork, lunging, or hackingExtra cushioned panels will protect the fetlock joint and splint bone where your horse may need it mostMade…

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  • Dura-Tech® Neoprene Ice Boot (full leg)

    Ideal to ice knees, suspensories, fetlocks or tendonsHeavyweight neoprene rubber with 6 inner ice pocketsHolds both cubed ice or reusable ice pack inserts(7) 2" wide hook & loop straps for secure closure23" tall Sold individuallyGuaranteed for 6 months

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  • Veredus® Magnetik™ 4-Hour Stable Boots - Front

    …for limited therapeutic sessions lasting no more than 4 hours!The magnets are distributed in correspondence to the flexor and extensor tendons, fetlock, and bulbs of the hoof. Boots are made of breathable micro-porous material to reduce heatMade in ItalyMagnetic Therapy is a non-invasive drug free…

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  • Dura-Tech® Magnetic Ankle Wraps (5 magnets)

    …to achieve desired results. Wraps can be used several times per day depending on the injury.Dura-Tech Magnetic Ankle Wraps contain 5 unipolar magnets in each wrap. The unipolar magnets measure 1100 GAUSS which is low to medium penetration. The outer cover of the wrap is made of durable 1000 denier…

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