Fill Hay Bags

  • Dura-Tech® StableHand™

    …FOREVERInstructions: Roll the hay bag helper up insert it into the hay bag and let it expand. Holds any cloth hay bag or small holed hay net open and makes it free standing. Toss your hay in take the insert out and away you go. This can also be used in trash bags to fill shavings, grain, laundry,…

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  • Dura-Tech® Waste Not Hay Bag

    …allow for slowing hay consumption, limiting hay waste and helping improve digestion.800 denier nylon construction for long lasting durabilityReinforced steel band at top holds bag open to fill and allows hay to filter down easilyNylon web divided feeder hole keeps hay in the bag, keeping horses…

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  • Dura-Tech® Designer Print Hay Bag

    This fun colored, durable, smaller capacity hay bag, with a 5" diameter open feeder hole, is just the right size to hold morning and evening hay rations as well as for trailering to and from shows, trail sites or campsites. Easy access feeder hole eliminates frustration, slows consumption and limits…

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  • Hay Hoops Original Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder

    The Hay Hoops feeder is easy to install and load, eliminates waste, prevents boredom and slows consumption to improve digestion. The hay feeder frame holds the net open for easy filling and the top frame then folds away to keep hay against the wall and the top area closed and away from the…

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  • Hay Chix® Free Up Feeder

    The perfect tool for in stall hay feeding! Easily swings open to fill in less than 30 seconds, making traditional hay nets a thing of the past!Measures 12" X 24"Safe, rounded corners, great for use in the stall, pasture, or run-in-shedsIncluded net holds about 1/2 of a small square bale (4-6…

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  • Kensington Freedom Feeder® Extended Day Hay Net

    …of hay or a 2 string bale1.5” mesh openings mimic grazing and slow consumption2” mesh openings for aggressive eaters and larger horsesNo knot design and will hold up to the most aggressive eaterSlows consumption, reduces the likelihood of colic and reduces boredomTypically needs to be filled every…

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  • Dura-Tech® Small 2" Slow Feed Nylon Hay Net

    …This hay net decreases the amount of hay loss, keeping less hay under foot and scattered about.2" x 2" diamonds keeps horses eating slowly to meet their natural need to grazeNylon rope construction for exceptional strength and it's resistance to mildew and abrasionsOpens wide for easy filling with…

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  • Dura-Tech® Easy Load XX-Large Slow Feed Hay Bag

    …can be used to hang the bag or use center O-ring or D-rings on ends with snap for unlimited hanging optionsMoldable Velcro close top for easy loading and prevents top feedingHolds up to 5 flakes of hay2.5mm thick bottom webbing for increased durabilityMake filling hay bags even easier with the…

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  • Dura-Tech® Easy Load Large Slow Feed Hay Bag

    This durable slow feed hay bag holds 3-4 flakes of hay, our easy stay-open top rim makes filling a breeze.600D PVC durable slow-feeding hay bagHolds 3-4 flakes of haySlow feeding 2" holes makes your hay last longer, keeping hay in front of your horse for a longer period of time with little to no…

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  • Dura-Tech® 3" Slow Feed Cotton Rope Hay Net

    This cotton rope hay net is good for horses that are easily frustrated or get destructive when trying to slow intake. This bag holds a day's worth of hay and the 3" x 3" diamonds allows horses to eat slower, but freely, satisfying the natural need to graze while keeping a steady flow of roughage.3"…

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  • Dura-Tech® 1 1/2" Super Duty Slow Feed Poly Hay Net

    …maintain the integrity of the poly ropeEasy to fill wide opening at top allows flakes to be put in the net intact, without the mess3" stainless steel ring at bottom offers a sturdy secure hanging option to limit spinning, twistingHolds 3 flakes of hay to keep horses 'grazing' for the day/night or…

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