• FLECK Jump Bat with Wrist Loop

    FLECK uses only the finest materials to create a precision made piece of equipment to meet the standards of today's equestrians. Each jump bat is made in Germany with a fiberglass core covered with woven nylon Measuring 24" in length, the bat features a rubber grip, wrist loop and just the right…

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  • Fleck Carbon Ultralight Dressage Whip

    A dressage whip that's lightweight but durable enough for everyday use.Lightweight, well balanced whip for better accuracyPadded handle for more comfortable feelBlack plastic cap blends in to handle for seamless lookFleck professional series dressage whipMade in GermanyMaximum length legal for USDF…

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  • FLECK Dressage Whip with Nylon Covered Shaft

    The FLECK Dressage whip is made with a superb and innovative design that is valued by Dressage riders around the world. Lightweight and perfectly balanced to help riders communicate with amazing precision.Each whip is made in Germany with a solid fiberglass core with a woven nylon cover. The FLECK

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