Fly Spray

  • Pyranha® Zero-Bite™ Natural Insect Spray

    …in more than 90 percent water, so it is neither oily nor greasy!A safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional fly sprays and wipesGreat natural scentMade in the USA32 oz.Kills and repels: Stable Flies, House Flies, Horse Flies, Horn Flies, Ticks, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, Face Flies, Gnats, Lice.

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  • Pyranha® Equine Spray & Wipe™

    …Equine Spray & Wipe™ is a continuous spray that offers long lasting protection against a wide variety of biting insects. A ready-to-use water based formula quickly knocks down and kills flies, mosquitos, fleas, ticks and gnats. Kills deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease. Convenient sprayer sprays

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  • Farnam® Tri-Tec 14™ Fly Repellent Spray

    Protect your horse against flies and the sun with this long-lasting fly repellent spray and sunscreen. Features Include:Protects against horse, house, stable, face, horn and deer flies, plus gnats and mosquitoesContains sunscreen to protect against UV raysProtects against deer ticks that may…

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  • Eqyss Premier Marigold Scent Spray 32oz

    The power of marigolds is incorporated into Eqyss Rehydrant SprayAll natural, non-toxic, alcohol and silicone free formulaShines and moisturizes the coat while enhancing colorMinimizes dry skin conditions while repelling dust and dirtHelps detangle horse’s manes and tails32 oz. with sprayer

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  • Country Vet Mosquito & Fly Control Kit

    …peace of mind knowing your are controlling the flying insects in your barn even when you are not there.The ultimate in equine protection to help aid in the prevention of West NilesWorks automatically to kill and repel mosquitos, gnats and flying insects 24/7Dispenser delivers a powerful Pyrethin…

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  • Easy-Up® Wide Mouth Spray Bottle Holder

    …wider spray bottles. Keep your spray bottles handy with a portable bottle holder.You'll never lose or break a spray bottle againPortable spray bottle holder can be hung on stalls, fences, gates, and doorsFits wide based spray bottles that are 4 1/2 - 4 5/8" wideIdeal for holding fly spray, shampoo,…

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  • Espree® Herbal Horse Fly Repellent Face & Body Wipes

    Keep flying insects away from your horse's face with these fly repellent wipes without the mess or hassle of trying to fly spray their face. Active Ingredients: Citronella Oil (3.0%), Peppermint Oil (2.0%), and Cedar Oil (2.0 %). Inert Ingredients: Purified Water, Mineral Oil, Potassium Sodium,…

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  • MannaPro Pro-Force Rapid Knockdown Fly Spray

    …horses, ponies, dogs and as a boundary spray around the barnWater based formula contains permethrin and pyrethrin32 oz. sprayKills and Repels:Kills and repels Stable Flies, Horn Flies, House Flies, Face Flies, Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Cluster Flies, Sciarid Flies, Mosquitoes including Culex species…

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  • Ultra® Final Touch Shining Spray

    Finishing spray instantly creates intense highlights on coats, manes and tailsRepels dust and dirt for a show ring shine that lasts all dayExtra gentle formula will not irritate skin on sensitive horsesContains citronella to help repel flies and other insectsNew and improved spray nozzle evenly…

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  • BugPellent™ Fly Spray

    A natural fly spray that works on horses, dogs, and humans without leaving a greasy residue. Active Ingredients: Cedar Oil, Rosemary Oil, Geraniol, Clove Oil, Citronella Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Lemongrass Oil. Inert Ingredients: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Mineral Oil, Water.A natural insect…

  • BugPellent™ Pest Control Starter Kit

    Safe, all natural, continuous way to eliminate pests during the summer fly seasonReplaces the 'whole barn spray systems' that exposes everything to harmful chemicalsPerfect for use in the barn, house, garage, patio or deck areasReleases a pleasant smelling vapor of natural oils and organic…

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  • Easy-Up® Wide Mouth Double Spray Bottle Holder

    …Portable Double Spray Bottle Holder now fits wide mouth spray bottles! You'll never lose or break a spray bottle again.Side by side spray bottle holders can be hung on stalls, fences, gates, and doorsFits wide based spray bottles that are 4 1/2" - 4 5/8" wideIdeal for holding fly spray, shampoo,…

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