Front Boots

  • Eskadron® Horse Boot Value Pack

    These Eskadron® horse boots provide all around impact protection and optimize wearing comfort with a non-slip neoprene lining.TPE anatomically formed molded plastic outerNeoprene lining for cushioning protectionOpen front design with Velcro closuresSpecial recess in upper area for added comfortValue…

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    $133.50 - $133.99
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    2 colors
  • Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Front

    …VenTECH SMB Elite boots for the front legsUltraShock lining safeguards the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissueSignature limestone-based neoprene outer absorbs energy from hoof impactLonger suspensory strap stretches with each stride allowing full movementCut higher in the front to allow proper fit…

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    $83.99 $73.99
    11 Reviews
    5 colors
  • Joseph Sterling® Carbon Open Front Boots

    These open front boots offer optimal style and protection with carbon fiber strike plates and top quality leather with decorative stitching.High quality leather with white decorative stitching make these boots a great choice for the show ring or every day ridingFoam inner core with neoprene lining…

    $114.99 $39.99
    4 Reviews
  • Professional's Choice® VenTECH Elite SMB - Value Pack - Limited Edition

    …lining absorbs 26% of the energy of hoof impactVenTECH technology consists of lightweight, multi-layered, ventilated neopreneUnique suspensory strap provides maximum support and coverageAllows full ankle movement and eliminates hyperextension of the fetlockValue Pack: 2 front boots and 2 rear boots

    $184.99 $162.99
    3 Reviews
    8 colors
    ArrowDesert FlowerJail BreakLONGHORNMojavePaisleyTropicalWaterfall
  • Veredus® Olympus Open Front Boot

    An open front boot that will fit like it was made for your horse and protect against impact like no other boot.Semi Rigid-PU™ outer shell is anatomically shaped allowing for a higher level of protection but still offers freedom of movement and maximum support.EVA™ Foam- Strike Plate lining provides…

    2 colors
  • Iconoclast® Front Orthopedic Support Boots

    …Orthopedic Support Boots feature patented Double Sling Straps® for unparalleled lateral support. With its evenly distributed support to the suspensory branches, Iconoclast® is designed to reduce joint interference and restriction. This is the perfect all around boot for every equine discipline.

    $98.00 - $99.99 $74.99 - $85.99
    24 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Professional's Choice® SMB3 Boots - Value Pack

    …outer absorbs energy from hoof impactLonger suspensory strap stretches with each stride allowing full movementCut higher in the front to allow proper fit when used with bell bootsLycra binding stretches to create a snug fit along the top and bottomIncludes front and rear bootsGuaranteed for 6 months

    $153.95 $136.99
    20 Reviews
    4 colors
  • Professional's Choice® VenTECH Elite SMB Boots

    Provides 360° protection safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissueUltraShock™ lining is proven to absorb 26% of energy from hoof impactVenTECH technology is lightweight, multi-layered and ventilated neopreneUnique suspensory strap guarantees proper application and maximum…

    $97.95 - $174.95 $86.99 - $155.99
    85 Reviews
    12 colors
    RedBlackCHOCOLATEWhiteWineRoyalTurquoiseCharcoalMelonRaspberryPacific BluePurple
  • Dura-Tech® Vented Neoprene Lightweight Support Boots

    …360° flexible protection and easy-adjust hook and loop ensures excellent fit.Great for training as the horse will feel the obstacles yet have complete protectionGuaranteed for 6 monthsSold in pairsFront boot features 3 hook and loop straps / Hind boot features 4 hook and loop strapsColor: black

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    $21.99 - $59.99 $14.99 - $39.99
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  • Majyk Equipe Infinity Open Front Boots

    The Majyk Equipe Vented Infinity Tendon Boot is a combination of fit, form and function. Cooling vents, breathable, non-allergenic, with maximum impact protection.The TPU exterior is made from high quality European BASF with cooling vents on either side to avoid heat build upThe dual density…

    3 colors
  • EquiFit® MulitTeq™ Front Boots

    These front boots offer full-coverage protection for daily exercise and turnout, providing extreme impact protection while always looking like new with a scratch and tear resistant outer shell.Made in the USAMultiple accolades go to the MultiTeq BootOffering full-coverage protection for daily…

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    $125.00 $107.99
    2 colors
  • Eskadron® Flexisoft® Open Front Horse Boots

    …Flexisoft® open front jumping boots provide the ultimate fit, impact, and crossover protection. Anatomically formed to the horse's leg for maximum comfort.TPE thermal molded plastic outer shell for impact protectionNeoprene lining for cushioning protection and ease of cleaningOpen front design with…

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    4 colors