Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

  • FES Bit Sweet Iron Snaffle 5" Full Cheek

    …the mouth moist. Full cheek bits help to lighten the horse up on the bit and be more responsive. Snaffle mouth on full cheeks combine to be a good "starter leverage" bit. To get the best results from your full cheek bit, use "Bit Loops" (#01023 or #15114) to attach the bit the bridle securely,…

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  • FES Slow Twist Full Cheek

    …softnessBrass bushings between the mouth and full cheek connectionIncreases pressure on the tongue as well as the bars of the mouthLonger shanks keep bit from pulling through horse’s mouthUse with bit loops for added stability and leverageFull cheek length = 6 ½”cheeksMouthpiece: 5”Bit diameter:…

    $49.99 $34.99
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