Grazing Muzzle

  • Dura-Tech® Grazing Muzzle with Halter

    …discourage bad behavior such as cribbing.1" nylon web adjustable halter and muzzleCheeks and crown piece adjust for perfect fitRing on back of muzzle makes it easy to clip a lead toLightweight and will not rub or chafeHard rubber bottom with water access holeChrome plated hardware and throatlatch…

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  • Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzle Complete with Adjustable Halter

    …exercise and socialize as part of the herd. The lightweight muzzles resist rubbing and chafing and will not rot. Best Friend Grazing Muzzles can also be used as a training tool to discourage bad habits such as nipping and cribbing . The muzzle is packaged in a free grooming bag.Recommended by equine…

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  • Best Friend™ Grazing Muzzle

    This muzzle attaches to your safety or breakaway halter with four hook & loop attachments. Best Friend Grazing Muzzle is a good choice if your horse is a "Houdini" who can get out of almost anything, or if your horse is difficult to fit.Recommended by equine health professionalsPrevents and treats…

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  • Merino Sheepskin Noseband Liner - Horse

    Eliminate rubbing in the sensitive areas when wearing a muzzleSized to fit the average horse size Best Friends Grazing MuzzlesAttaches with hook and loop fasteners through muzzle slotsEach noseband is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskinSuper soft, dense 1" thick wool pile keeps horses…

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  • Mosquito Mesh Extendable Nose Fly Mask

    …removable, extended nosepiece that is tapered and shaped to keep bugs away from the nostrils and muzzle. Extended tapered nose design for added coverage and protection that does not interfere with grazing horses or airflowSuper fine "window screen" 350D nylon mesh material is durable and great for…

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  • Dura-Tech® Breakaway Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle

    …founder, obesity and cribbingComfortable padding around the nose prevents rubbingStainless steel grate bottom allows horses unlimited waterRubber muzzle insert affords maximum grazing/cribbing controlSizes: Full size or cobIncludes extra breakaway leather tabReplacement disk is 6.5" in diameter 

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  • Replacement Disk

    For use with Cribbing & Grazing Muzzle #15502Sold individually

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  • Dura-Mesh Extended Fly Mask

    …and muzzle protected from biting insects and the sun with our extended Dura-Mesh Fly Mask.Made of exceptionally durable vinyl coated 1000 denier Dura-Mesh to withstand the demands of turnout.Extended tapered nose design for added coverage and protection that does not interfere with grazing horses…

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