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  • Dura-Tech® Horsewear Storage Bag

    Handy storage bag for tack room or trailerMade of strong 600 denier polyester14" high x 26" long x 21" deep Holds one heavyweight blanket or 2 midweights or multiple sheets and accessoriesCan also be used to make transporting hay easierTop zip (three sides) design, carrying handle, slot for label,…

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    $49.99 $34.99
    74 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Stall Front Storage Kit

    Use our best stall front bags on your stall, in your trailer, or in your tack room to keep your important items neat and organized.Includes our Dura-Tech® Stall Front Horsewear Bag, Dura-Tech® Portable Grooming Organizer, and Dura-Tech® Supreme Small Stall Front BagRugged 600D poly construction…

    286 Reviews
  • ARMORFlex® Challenger VTEK® Fit Surcingle Turnouts

    The ArmorFlex® Challenger surcingle waterproof turnout blankets offer the perfect fit for horses that have a high wither or changing topline, so they'll be comfortable all winter long.Also available in Tekno-Fleece®, which is designed to ensure your horse is comfortable and sweat-free in wavering…

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    $209.99 - $239.99 $99.99 - $114.99
    531 Reviews
    2 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Comfort Plus Nylon Breakaway Halter

    Breakaway turnout halter that provides both safety and comfort1" triple ply nylon web with padded nose and padded neoprene crown pad to prevent rub marksFull leather crown piece ensures breakaway safetyHeavy duty brass plated hardwareDouble buckle crown piece adjustment for ultimate fitPersonalize…

    $37.99 $25.95
    82 Reviews
    4 colors
  • Dura-Tech® 420D Multi Saddle Pad Carrier

    Handy carrier keeps your pads clean and makes transporting easyDurable 420 denier with reinforced nylon web carry handlesSeparate zippered compartments hold 2-3 pads each4 grommets allow air to circulateMeasures 21" H x 35" L and expands to 3" W per side

    $42.99 $29.99
    70 Reviews
    3 colors
  • Dura-Tech® All Purpose Splint Boots

    These all purpose boots offer excellent impact protection to your horse's tendons, fetlock and cannon bone areas. These boots work nicely for training, schooling, on the trail or for turnout.Generously padded leather splint bone guard safeguards the sensitive inner leg areas by absorbing the shock…

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    $29.99 - $34.99 $15.99 - $21.99
    164 Reviews
    8 colors
    NavyPurpleRedBlackBurgundyWhiteDark GreenHunter Green
  • Dura-Tech® Duo-Fit™ Show Cover

    Soft, smooth 420D nylon to keep the horse's coat clean and slick. Duo-Fit design allows the neck to be opened separately and folded back for last minute grooming while the body can stay covered up.Water resistant (not waterproof) for temporary protection in light rain or mistNo Insulation - great…

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    $129.99 $89.99
    17 Reviews
    4 colors
  • Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon® V-Free® Sheet

    Dura-Nylon® sheets are great for maintaining the coat, keeping your horse clean and works well as a blanket liner. Breathability keeps your horse from overheating and featuring the "Original" Adjusta-Fit® System designed to adjust the size of the neck up to 2", so you get a custom fit no matter the…

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    $114.99 $64.99
    509 Reviews
    7 colors
  • Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon® Original Cutback Sheet

    Dura-Nylon® sheets are great for maintaining the coat, keeping your horse clean and work well as blanket liners. Breathability keeps your horse from overheating and is up to 75% stronger than other 420D nylon sheets.Cutback wither fits low withered horses and horses with upright head…

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    $109.99 $59.99
    490 Reviews
    8 colors
  • Dura-Tech® All Purpose X-Large Splint Boots

    Keep your horses legs protected with these durable splint boots, sized specifically to fit larger breeds.Form fitting boots that have a suede covered shock pad to protect against impact injuries and interferenceThese boots are moisture wicking, breathable and quick drying3/8" neoprene is lightweight…

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    $34.99 $15.99 - $21.99
    4 colors
    BlackBurgundyHunter GreenNavy
  • Merino Sheepskin Noseband Cover 9"

    Eliminate rubbing in the sensitive areas around the nose/cheeks.Attaches with hook and loop fasteners around halter nosebandEach noseband is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskinSuper soft, dense 1" thick wool pile offers unbeatable comfortNatural leather backing keeps noseband in securely…

    $15.99 $8.79 - $10.99
    11 Reviews
    9 colors
  • Dura-Tech® Navajo Blanket

    Versatile, lightweight pads for everyday riding or for the show ring.Colorful acrylic/cotton blend is perfect for using over a protective padThin enough so it will not add bulk when used with another padUse as a liner to keep show pads clean from dirt and sweatStriped pads feature a Navajo…

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    $17.99 $7.99 - $11.99
    51 Reviews
    20 colors
    Black/BurgundyBurgundy/NavyBlackBlack/BlueBlack/GreyBlack/LimeBlack/TanBrown/TanBrown/NavyGreen/BlackGreen/GreyPurplePurple/BlackRoyal/BlackRedRoyal BlueTealTeal/BlackTanWhite