Ground Hay Feeders

  • Dura-Tech® Rope Hay Net

    …rope hay net is a great alternative to ground feeding or using bulky, rigid hay racks. Keeps horses occupied and content while keeping hay off the stall/trailer floor. Wide top load opening holds enough hay for all day/night.7" x 7" diamonds allows horses to leisurely eat and keeps hay off the…

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  • Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder

    …and runs. The 3 in 1 horse feeder sits at ground level allowing your horses to eat comfortably and naturally while keeping your expensive hay off the ground. The savings in hay, shavings and labor can easily return the cost of the feeder again and again.Unique ground level design allows horses to…

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  • Savvy Feeder™

    …of ingesting sand, manure, urine soaked bedding, rocks, parasites - you name it; the Savvy Feeder™ keeps the hay up off the ground, prolonging feeding with many other benefits!The grate floats on top of the hay and goes down as the horse eatsThe grate is held in place by heavy duty fabricThis unique…

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  • High Country Plastics 6 Gallon Ground Feeder

    …in pastures, kennels, barns, loafing sheds and garagesUse for grain (wet or dry) and hay while wide base keeps from flippingMade from heavy duty FDA approved and UV protected plasticSits directly on the ground and requires NO mounting or installationColor: BlackMeasures: 29" diameter x 8 1/2"H (bowl…

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  • Noble Corner Feeder

    …molded poly feeder is designed to allow your horse to feed with its head at ground level, a natural grazing position, and provides 3 separate compartments for hay, grain and salt blocksFDA Molded Polyethylene approved, designed to mount into the corner of a stall or paddockKeeps hay and grain off…

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  • Pro Panel Wall Grazer® 3 in 1 Flat Wall Horse Feeder

    This durable hay feeder will eliminate hay and shavings waste while helping to mimic the natural grazing position.Designed to feed one or more horses in paddocks or where it can attach to a flat wallOne piece of molded polymer has a larger middle section for hayTwo smaller side sections for grain or…

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  • Hay Chix® Small Square Bale Hay Net

    Get at least 94% of hay use out of every bale, saving time and money with this slow feed hay net.Fits 2-string bales up to 70 lbs.Use on the ground, in your pasture, in a stall or in a feeder to keep it off the ground1 3/4" hole opening to slow down your horse's hay intake, for better digestion and…

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  • Hay Chix® Larege 6 Ft Round Bale Hay Net

    No more wasting your round bale hay by getting trampeled on the ground! Now get 94% of your round bales use with the use of this net and save time and money.Accomodates 6' X 6' round bales but will also work with smaller bales of 4' X 5' and 5' X 5'Will also accommodate large square bales: 4'X4'X8'…

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