Gut Health

  • Gut Health Peak Performance Pellets 6lbs

    …support and maintain long term gastro-intestinal health, effectively treating equine ulcers, stomach lesions and stabilizing the hind gut pH. The time released formula increases gastro-intestinal performance by reducing acids that cause stomach and gut irritations. It is fast acting and starts to…

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  • Gut Health Extra Strength 128oz

    …and hind gut to stabilize allowing healing to begin. This formula is time released and begins working within 30 minutes and keeps working in time release phases for up to 4 hours. Formulated for initial dosing (first month) and/or horse's exhibiting acute or chronic symptoms.Increases hind gut pH in…

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  • Gastroade® Pellets Digestive Supplement

    A digestive supplement you can trust to alleviate gastric upset so your horse can look and feel their best.Features Include:A concentrated calcium and magnesium supplement that helps promote a healthy digestive systemAloe Vera and Kaolin reduce gastric distress and upset by coating the stomach…

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  • Gut Health 128oz

    …treat equine ulcers and stabilize the hind gut pHIncreases gastro-intestinal performance by reducing stomach and gut irritationDigestive conditioner effectively soothes irritated stomachs while healing stomach lesionsDecreases the risk of hind gut acidosis due to fermentation and starch…

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  • Perfect Products GastroEase EQ™ Digestive Support Powder

    …offers the first truly comprehensive gastrointestinal management for high-level performance horses. By enhancing digestive support and hind-gut health, GastroEase reduces the effects of stress, and strengthens the horse's entire gastrointestinal system. GastroEase combine gastric tissue support,…

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  • dac® Cool Gut

    …foregut and hindgut health.Features Include:Foregut and hindgut supportNutritional support for gastrointestinal mucosaHelps maintain proper gut pH and gut floraYea-sacc 1026, 10g/3 ozDHA, 425mg/3 ozSize: 5 lbs. Feeding Instructions:Maintenance Dose - 3 oz. per horse per dayFor best results, provide…

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  • Spectra Equine Gardion® Equine Gastric Support 32oz Digestive Supplement

    …appetite of poor eaters and prevent potential stomach problems.Features Include:A liquid solution of nutrients and herbs that support digestive health and a healthy appetiteOver 80% of horses have stomach lesions due to food consumption and the stress of heavy trainingFor horses with a poor appetite…

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  • dac® Colt Grower 5lbs

    …in young foals. Organic Selenium - Selenium is an essential nutrient that plays a critical role in metabolism, healthy growth, reproductive health, and immunity. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant to prevent fatty acid oxidation which can cause tissue damage. Research has shown that Sel-Plex®,…

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  • Ramard® Total Gut Health Digestive Supplement

    This digestive supplement with Nucleoforce™, the next generation in total gi health support, gives comprehensive digestive support to reduce the risk of colic and other digestive disorders.Features Include:Helps support absorption, healthy GI function, scavenges for free radicals, reduces free…

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  • Formula 1 Noni with HA Blue Label 128oz.

    …joints. You will soon notice your horses to be more balanced and trainable.All natural formula supports a strong immune system, joint health and healthy gut functionPromotes faster recovery from training/conditioning while supporting balanced behaviorNoni is known to repair damaged cells in…

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