Hair Conditioner

  • EquiFUSE® Shine Perfect + Shine Spray

    …shining spray. Formulated to promote hair health and infuse hair with a long lasting shine that enhances color instantly. Fast drying and non-greasy, this spray leaves mane, tail and coat soft and smooth as it repels dust and shavings. Each hair benefits from the anti-oxidants from Camelina…

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  • Healthy HairCare® Hair Moisturizer

    Healthy HairCare Hair Moisturizer™ for manes, tails and coats is a therapeutic lanolin enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin. Daily use helps to control dandruff and dry skin. Great for help with blanket rubs, mane and tail itching. You will cut grooming time…

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  • Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer

    …most advanced, all natural leave-in moisturizer on the market that can be applied to wet or dry coats, manes and tails.Lanolin formula improves hair strength, thickness and elasticity while repelling dirtControls dry skin and dandruff, even on horses with sensitive skinIdeal for use after clipping…

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair Repair Conditioner

    Hydrate, repair, and condition all while helping to remove yellow stains and keep hair healthy.A lightweight formula for all hair typesGreat for dull, damaged, stained, dry, or tangled hairGREAT quality optimizes the health of the skin, coat, and hair, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less…

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  • EquiFUSE Citra Creme Conditioner

    …with this blend of effective moisturizers that instantly soften the hair while increaseing suppleness.Rinse out conditioner designed to improve and rehydrate dry manes and tailsBlend of effective moisturizers instantly soften hair while increasing supplenessLoaded with anti-static proteins and in…

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  • Ultra® Mane & Tail Conditioner 32 Oz.

    Helps repair sun damage and split ends while preventing further breakageLeave-in formula stimulates the skin to promote new hair growthConditions deep and enhances natural colorNon-greasy and contains anti-static guards to repel dust and dirtMade in the USAUnconditional money back guarantee

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  • Ultra® Conditioning Hair Polish

    Ultra Conditioning Hair Polish is an exclusive formula that bonds to each individual hair to promote the most luxurious shine. Ultra Conditioning Hair Polish is 100% silicone based and allows hair to feel silky soft yet is not slippery. Leaves manes and tails soft, full, tangle free and manageable.…

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  • Laser Sheen Hair Polish Concentrate

    Lazer Sheen® puts on an incredible shine. It makes coats sleek and shiny and leaves hair soft and silky. It detangles manes and tail, and eliminates static fly aways. Lazer Sheen is never greasy, oily, sticky or slippery. It works to help repel dust and dirt and prevents manure, grass and latigo…

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  • Ultraflex® Lycra Tail Bag

    The ideal solution to keep tails in beautiful condition.Protects braided tails or keeps tails clean during muddy turnoutsSelf-ties hold the tail bag securely in placeSmooth, soft and stretchy lycra does not snag the hair8 oz. lycra; 24" long

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  • Cowboy Magic Green Spot Remover

    …sweat stains instantlyAll natural ingredients breaks down and melts away foreign moleculesSimply spray on and wipe off with a damp towel; no rinsing requiredSilk and panthenol is added to strengthen hair and condition skinShea butter is added to produce a high gloss shine32 fl. oz.Made in the USA

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  • Ultra® Magic Detangler 32 oz.

    This formula works like magic to gently detangle manes and tails without damaging the hair. Magic Detangler penetrates the hair fibers to strengthen and condition each strand, leaving behind a beautiful shine. This formula is static free and does not attract dust, making it a favorite to take to…

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  • Farnam Endure Fly Spray

    …Repelock® conditioner binds to hair shaft to lock in repellencyProvides up to 14 days of fly controlSizes: 32 oz. or 128 oz.Made in the USADescription:Stays active and keeps working, even in wet conditions. Provides up to 14 days fly control. RepeLock® conditioner binds to the hair shaft and won’t…

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