Hair Grow

  • Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane & Tail

    …formula that stimulates hair growth. Strengthens hair from root to tip without the use of silicone, synthetic polymers, oils or petroleum based products which cause dry, brittle hair and hoofs. Revitalizes hair so mane and tail wont break off as easily and will grow longer. Conditions bare spots…

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  • Click Hock Shield Ultra Hock Protector

    …the leg when galloping)Plan on replacing your hock shield after about 3 months of full time wearSome products can burn skin when wrapped (please consult your vet when using medications under the shield)Some horses may grow white hairs on the back of the leg where the top band rubsSold in pairs

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  • The Equine Scratcher

    …short, broken hairs that never seem to grow back. For stalled horses, The Equine Scratcher has the added bonus of affording your horse relief from boredom and stress which often result in wind sucking, cribbing and anti-social behaviour.Horses can scratch safely without losing hair or causing…

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  • Bio Mane 30 Day Supply Equine Pellets

    …coats.Specifically formulated to accelerate hair growth and optimize coat health An excellent choice for horses with thin tails and those that rub the top of their tails Recommended for all breeds and ages of horses Formula provides horses with proper nutrients to grow longer, thicker, healthier…

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