Hair Oil

  • Healthy HairCare® Hair Moisturizer

    Healthy HairCare Hair Moisturizer™ for manes, tails and coats is a therapeutic lanolin enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin. Daily use helps to control dandruff and dry skin. Great for help with blanket rubs, mane and tail itching. You will cut grooming time…

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  • EquiFUSE® Shine Perfect + Shine Spray

    …Formulated to promote hair health and infuse hair with a long lasting shine that enhances color instantly. Fast drying and non-greasy, this spray leaves mane, tail and coat soft and smooth as it repels dust and shavings. Each hair benefits from the anti-oxidants from Camelina Oil, Vitamin C and…

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  • Oster Blade Wash

    18 oz. non-aerosol canUse to remove factory applied preservatives before first blade useWash away accumulated hair from cutting bladesProvides some lubrication for cooler clipping bladesNon-aerosol formula in new packaging**This item can only be shipped within the contiguous United States and can…

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  • EquiFUSE Gleam Moisturizer

    …GLEAM moisturizing and shine serum is an ultra rich formula created for all equine hair types. GLEAM provides superior, long-lasting shine while rejuvenating root deep. Infused with Macadamia nut oil and Vitamin E to blast through brittle and tangled tresses, GLEAM results in soft, manageable,…

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  • Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane & Tail

    …Rebuilder is a revolutionary formula that stimulates hair growth. Strengthens hair from root to tip without the use of silicone, synthetic polymers, oils or petroleum based products which cause dry, brittle hair and hoofs. Revitalizes hair so mane and tail wont break off as easily and will grow…

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  • Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper

    …"Best Body Clipper" by John Lyons in Perfect Horse Magazine. The Double K Groomer's Edge POWER CLIPPER cuts easily through thick, dense or dirty hair while operating very quiet-in virtual silence at low speeds.5 times the power of conventional clippersVariable speed adjustment from 100 to 4500 RPM,…

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  • Clac Deo-Lotion Fly Repellent

    …the direction of the hair and then in the same direction as the hair growth.In concentrate form dilute 1 to 7 with water which makes 3 quarts. Ingredients:15% Lauryl Sulfate9.9 % Citronella Oil6% Clove Oil3% Thyme Oil2% Cedar Oil.2% Geranium OilOlive oil, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Water. Made…

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  • EquiFUSE Citra Creme Conditioner

    …dry manes and tailsBlend of effective moisturizers instantly soften hair while increasing supplenessLoaded with anti-static proteins and in the ultimate detangler promoting a polished finishCreamy formula infused with natural oils of oranges, lemons and sesame seedsMade in the USA16 oz. For best…

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  • Billy Royal® Scottsdale Padded 3/4" Leather Halter

    …padded cheeks, noseband and crown that minimize rubs and hair loss in these sensitive areas, especially when worn all day. The narrower design showcases the beauty of finer headed breeds, is fully adjustable and crafted from hand rubbed and oiled premium Grade A leather. Use as an everyday stable…

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  • Med-Vet 4-in-1 + H/A™ Joint Supplement

    …for more supplements with this joint supplement designed to also support healthy hooves, hair coat, and digestion.Features Include:Recommended to help support healthy joint function, hoof growth, hair coat, and digestive function4-in-1 + H/A pelleted joint supplement has Glucosamine, chondroitin…

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  • Andis® Pulse ZR® II Cordless Clipper

    …for those who want corded power, with all the benefits of a cordless clipper. Heavy duty professional grade clipper can accommodate all different hair types and thickness with ease.Now with removable battery for fast and easy replacementRuns for 3 full hours and fully recharges in 2 hoursAdjustable…

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  • Equisect™ Fly Repellent 128 oz.

    …PyGanic®, the first pyrethrum listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in organic farming. Also contains botanical and essential oils of citronella, clove stem, thyme and corn mint. Equisect is water based, alcohol free.Insects it kills:Stable flies, horn flies, house flies, face…

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