Half Back Pad

  • Dura-Tech® Fleece & Memory Foam Half Pad with Wither Relief

    …fleece half pad has a built in memory foam core that absorbs shock and conforms to the horse's back, providing substantial cushioning beneath the saddle to prevent and alleviate soreness. Featuring a wither cutout that relieves pressure on the spine and provides a better fit, this pad is perfect…

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  • Dura-Tech® Anti-Slip Half Pad

    This half pad that not only helps with saddle fit to keep your horse feeling their best but will also keep your saddle in place.Anti-slip rubber panels help your saddle stay in placeHelps with saddle fit to keep your horse's back comfortableFoam fill adds cushion while conforming to help with saddle…

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    $71.99 $49.99
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  • Acavallo® Just-Gel Lambskin Half Pad

    half pad without sacrificing the staying power of non-slip gel to keep your saddle in place.Offers the best of both worlds, therapeutic shock absorption with the added security of the non-slip gel on both sidesAllows the saddle to adhere to the top side and the bottom side to the saddle pad or the…

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  • LeMieux® Pro-Sorb Plain Half Pad

    A customizable, shimmable half pad that doesn't add excessive bulk under your saddle with it's ergonomic design, aiding in saddle fit and shock absorption.Simple and neat solution to adjusting saddle fitPads can be variously inserted to make a 'front riser', 'back riser' or correct bi-lateral…

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  • Acavallo® Shaped Gel Half Pad

    …a shock absorbing half pad but you don't want it visible under your saddle, this customizable half pad is the perfect option that will also stop any unwanted saddle movement.Shaped and molded to the saddle with a slightly thinner depth of gel running down the center of the pad allowing the gel to…

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  • Dura-Tech® Wool Felt Memory Foam Wither Relief Half Pad

    …and ease sore backs with this memory foam half pad.Therapeutic memory foam is resilient and very shock absorbing while retaining its shapeHelps distribute pressure and acts as a shock absorber between the rider and horseReduces friction between the saddle and the horseWither pads can protect your…

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  • Dura-Tech® Ergo-Lite Riser Pad

    The Dura-Tech® Ergo Lite-Riser Pad is the ideal solution for lifting the back of the saddle to ensure outstanding balance and comfort. The ergonomic design is very lightweight, durable and conforms nicely to the horse's back.Made of molded, shock absorbing EVO foam that is flexible, yet will not…

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  • Acavallo® Piuma Air-Release Featerlite Pad

    An innovative and featherlight thermoplastic material half pad, offering a unique set of benefits for both horse and rider. Low profile yet highly effective padding, shock absorbing protection for your horse's back, excellent airflow design without adding bulk under the saddle.Featherlight…

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  • Dura-Tech® Gel-Lite™ Support Pad System

    The Gel-Lite support pad system allows for customized support to fit any horse's needs.Great for shock absorption, weight distribution, relief of sore backs, and saddle fit issues.Provides multiple options for different conformation and saddle types.

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  • Acavallo® Wither Free Hexagonal Soft Gel Pad

    This anti-slip gel pad doesn't compress on the withers and helps distribute weight evenly across your horses back. Open Cell foam is breathable, comfortable and creates a cushion until the saddle while holding your saddle in place.Anti-slip gel pad made from 4mm thick open cell foamBreathable,…

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  • Dura-Tech® Wool Felt Wither Relief Half Pad

    …wither relief pad is thin enough that you don't loose the feel of your horse's back but thick enough to offer protection for your horse.Reduces friction between the saddle and the horseWither pads can protect your horses sensitive wither area while improving your saddle fitTotal pad is 1/2" thick…

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