Healthy Hair

  • Healthy HairCare® Hair Moisturizer

    Healthy HairCare Hair Moisturizer™ for manes, tails and coats is a therapeutic lanolin enriched concentrate that assists in replacing vital oils to the hair and skin. Daily use helps to control dandruff and dry skin. Great for help with blanket rubs, mane and tail itching. You will cut grooming time…

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  • UltraCruz® Equine Foaming Shampoo Gallon Refill

    hair in the process.Concentrated shampoo designed for use with the UltraCruz Foaming Tool or provided in the Travel Foamer.Equine foaming shampoo for quick and easy grooming.Naturally based cleaning agents deep clean without stripping natural oils.Strengthens hair and promotes long lasting healthy

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair Repair Conditioner

    …stains and keep hair healthy.A lightweight formula for all hair typesGreat for dull, damaged, stained, dry, or tangled hairGREAT quality optimizes the health of the skin, coat, and hair, making it softer, silkier, less porous, less brittle, and less prone to stainingRepairs hair after Restore…

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  • Shapley's™ Original M-T-G 8oz

    …like rain rot or promote hair growth with a product that’s time-tested.Features Include:Formulated to eliminate skin-problem-causing agentsEffective against rain rot, scratches, sweet itch and tail rubbingPromotes both healthy skin and maximum hair growthOil based keeps hair shaft soft and pliable…

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  • Ultra® Tail Revive & Restore Spray

    …and promotes healthy hair growth. Stop your horses from rubbing hair out and moisture their mane or tail in the process! Gentle enough to use every day. Use in conjunction with our Ultra Mane & Tail Conditioner and our Ultra Nourishing Hair Moisturizer for the ultimate healthy hair for you horse!

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  • Ultra® Conditioning Shampoo

    Cleans and conditions each hair while removing stubborn stainsLow sudsing action rinses ultra clean to eliminate residue build upHelps coat maintain its natural moisture balancePromotes a healthy coat, silky softness and luxurious shineConcentrated 1 to 4 (4 oz. makes 16 oz.)Citronella scent helps…

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  • Vetrolin Bath 64 Oz.

    …dirt, skin debris, and dandruff. Protein-enriched conditioners and PABA sunscreen protect skin and hair from environmental pollutants. Vetrolin® Bath rinses fast, leaving only a healthy shine and the fresh, familiar Vetrolin® fragrance.Rich lather foams away dirt, skin debris and dandruffPampers…

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  • UlcerGard® (Omeprazole)

    ULCERGARD® is intended for use only in the prevention of stomach ulcers in healthy horses. Clinical signs of stomach ulcers may include: decreased appetite, recurrent colic, intermittent loose stools or diarrhea, poor hair coat, poor body condition or poor performance. These signs may also be…

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  • Mane-ly Long Hair Polisher & Detangler

    …de-matts, and shines hairNot just a detangler, this formula protects the hair from the elements, all in one product, with no washing needed prior to applicationIt will help maintain healthy hair, strengthen while making hair silkier, smoother with shineNot greasy and leaves no residueHair is easy to…

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  • Laser Sheen Hair Polish Concentrate

    …coats looking healthy and clean. Laser Sheen lasts up to about a week and it is a concentrated formula so it costs less to use.Show stopping, high gloss formula produces a radiant shineDetangles manes and tails, leaving them shiny and manageableWon't dry out or damage hair, minimizing breakageRepels…

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  • The Wet Brush Original Detangler

    The healthy way to brush your horse's mane and tail, without damaging the hair while removing tangles.How you brush your horse's hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair careHair is weakest when wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber bandThat's…

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  • Straight Arrow Mane N Tail Conditioner 32 Oz.

    …maintain and achieve a longer, healthier-looking mane and tail.Exclusive formula to condition and strengthen hair, minimizing breakageNourishes skin and coat to promote healthy hair growthMoisturizers help eliminate itching and scalingProtects against damage from sun, wind or environmental…

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