Heated Water

  • Insta-Hot® Portable Equine Washing System

    …Insta Hot CartLouvered vent top keeps heating unit clean, protected from falling debris, and creates a draft for efficient combustion - more heat, less gas. Automatic safety shut-off after 20 min of non-use1.4 gallons of hot water per minutIncreases source water temperature up to 40° F warmer at 1…

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  • 16 Gallon Heated Tub

    Thermostatically controlled to keep drinking water from freezingWithstands temperatures as low as -20°FThermostatically controlled to turn on at 32 degrees and off at 36-37 degrees70" cord is spring coil covered to prevent chewingConcealed heating element exudes 260 watts of powerMade in the USA16…

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  • Classic Equine® by Ritchie® UltraFount Heated Automatic Waterer - Double

    Keep even larger herds of horses hydrated with this heated automatic waterer, made to withstand even the harshest weather.Provides automatic access for up to 40 headEnergy efficient waterer is heated and insulatedStainless steel drinking area for unbeatable longevityHeavy duty polyethylene that…

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  • 5 Gallon Flatback Heated Water Bucket

    …to where the bucket will be used, not for use with extension cords. Not intended for use as a water heater. Unplug when empty or when not in use, store indoors after winter season.Provides mild constant heat to prevent freezingWithstands temperatures up to -20°FHeavy duty polypropylene construction…

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  • High Country Insulated Bucket Holder

    …breaking ice daily in your horse's water bucket? The heavy foam insulation in this water bucket holder prevents water from freezing, allowing your horse to drink freely. The float top is easy for your horse to push down and helps reduce debris keeping the water circulating to prevent surface ice.…

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  • Gel Eze™ Hot N' Cold Wrap

    …individuallyMeasures: 12" x 15"Directions for use: If a warm application is required place the Gel in a bucket of warm water, (not boiling!). It will then absorb the heat from the water. DO NOT place this item in the microwave becaue it will melt. If a cold application is required, place the gel in…

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  • Haygain Hg One Hay Steamer

    …boiler shell and the specially designed heating element is located outside the boiler, thus reducing damage from limescale build-up; extending the life of the element considerablyPackage includes: 1.5 kW Steam Generator/Boiler (to hold 1 gallon of water), Heat Resistant Gloves, 2 Descaler Sachets -…

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  • The Original Muck Boot Company® Women's Muckster II Slip-On Boots

    …muck boots for when you don't need taller boots in mild summer weather.All rubber exterior shields from potential water damage and provides flexibility4mm CR Flex-foam insulates heat that aids feet to ignore low temperaturesAirmesh™ lining ventilates air to keep feet feeling freshSelf-cleaning…

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  • Absorbine® Cooldown™ Herbal After Workout Rinse Liniment

    …may foam slightly when pressurized water is added. The suds will dissipate after a few minutes. For animal use only.Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Use only as directed. For external use only.Warning: Flammable. Keep away from fire, sparks and heated surfaces.Show-Safe Statement“Some…

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  • Draw It Out Liniment 32oz

    …USING. Normal Mixture: 30% Draw It Out; 70% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water. Enhanced Mixture: 50% Draw It Out; 50% Water. Use cold water if injury is within 2-3 hours, otherwise use hot/warm water. Soak wrap in the recommended mixture. Wrap affected…

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  • Schneider's Spray On Blanket Re-Proofer

    …not affect breathablity.Features Include:Spray-on application extends the life of waterproof breathable blanketsRe-proofer revitalizes water repellency causing water to bead and run offSchneider's Blanket Re-Proofer does not create a waterproof barrier on items that were not originally waterproof32…

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  • Sore No More Performance Liniment 16oz Sprayer

    …on the soles of the feet. Use with ice or heat. Safe to use under magnets.Massage - Rub directly on skin. Can be used under tack, prior to exercise, since it contains no oils.Bath Brace - Add 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon of water as a stimulating and refreshing body brace.Ingredients:Proprietary…

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